Our Experience with HiddenBrains.com Offshore Developer

Over the past two months we have had a Indian development firm under contract to develop for us a shopping cart that we were going to roll out over a month ago.

The experience with this firm has been less than positive. We charted out how long the job would take and expected it to be a 2 to 3 week job tops and what we have after two months is a shopping cart that needs a lot of clean up work.

Issues we faced with this Indian firm included promising we would have senior developer from the start but our guess is that the developer they assigned to us had a year of experience if we were lucky. At week 4 I put the hammer on them and they assigned some more knowledgeable but he spent the next 2 weeks cleaning up the code the first developer had mangled.

It was a truly terrible experience and while we got the product we largely wanted it was not at the speed we would have expected. We probably saved a couple of thousand dollars at the expense of the shopping cart taking 2 months when it should have taken 3 weeks.

My recommendation to anyone looking to hire Hidden Brains is to have very low expectations. They talk a big talk but fail to be able to operate at a competency level that I would expect.


  • Code is not up to par with Current Standards
  • Several Security issues were discovered in the code
  • The programmer did not understand functionality of many libraries
  • English comprehension was really sub-par
  • Basic things like working with Subversion was unknown

While the company may be able to do basic web designs they in my opinion can not be relied up to work with companies that are looking to integrate features into existing code design.

That being said I am again on the hunt for another PHP Developer that can web integration and design. If you have a strong working knowledge of PHP and can speak English we want to hire you. Examples of previous work will be required and interview with my lead developer will be required. Send email to ceo@rawvoice.com

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One thought on “Our Experience with HiddenBrains.com Offshore Developer

  1. Well, I don’t know why you referring as Indian Company over and over again there sure are lots of nice Indian companies who do the work professionally and lots of companies are with over work and under skills, As for your case I believe you might have selected one of very low-priced offshore company in India, who hires fresh talents initially, so certainly the quality would have been compromised.

    What I heard is the money which certain companies pass to their programmers is peanut, I have seen people paying more to a girl for one night then what the money they pay to Indian programmers for all month, and it’s all upon how we look at it.

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