I am not sure I have seen anyone talk about this in the press yet? I had an e-mail this morning from a very observant Geek News Central reader does this not look like google.com/ig?

Playing with it for a bit and it is very obvious that this is something Microsoft is testing and will likely show up on MSN in the future. If you can’t beat em join em isn’t that what they say.


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One thought on “www.start.com/pdc/

  1. I have no love or association for any of the MAGY group (MSN, AOL, Google, Yahoo). But sorry I cannot let that comment go! Thus far Google/ig, IMHO, is a poor mans Start.com

    I have spent a great deal of time tracking both for my new book about Microsoft called “Enemy at the Gates” and the integration that Start.com shows with search, RSS etc is thus far much better. Try doing a search on Google/ig and then do one on Start.com What you will see is that Start.com integrates right into the page. Also the RSS auto-discovery is very good on Start.com

    I am also tracking Yahoo (AOL are off my radar) and I must say that My Yahoo is not even close with its Web 1.0 UI or integration of services.

    The big issue facing all of them is how will they integrate their vertical services into there new UI’s. Integrating email, IM, search (desktop, blog and local), advertising, maps etc is a tricky challenge. Today Yahoo and MSN suffer from link overload on their current portal pages which makes it very hard to find any of their useful services quickly. Google as yet has no official portal home page so lets wait and see but a note of caution – remember what happened to Alta Vista after it tried to do more than just search.

    Based on the demo sites only – MSN has done the best job of getting the integration story working but IMHO Google has the best individual technologies – Gtalk, Maps, Search – Local & Blog etc.

    So as far as I am concerned – Start.com is not a copy of Google/ig – both are trying to create AJAX clients to make it easier for consumers to personalise their home pages and find the services they want.

    What is more interesting though is will the Start.com team be forced to use some of the new Microsoft tools announced at the PDC – Atlas (proprietary Ajax dev tool) and Sparkle (flash killer)? Will Start.com only work “fully” with MS Vista or will it not be tied into the OS.

    Whatever way you look at it – each company is trying to silo consumers to use only their services. They all advocate open standards when seeking to gain new users and are totally proprietary when it comes to protecting an installed base – i.e Google’s Gtalk uses XMMP to integrate with other IM clients but they are totally closed when it comes to talking about their search algorithms.

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