GNC-2005-08-12 #90

Show number 90 we have some podcasting development rumors and a lot of info and great gouge on some great sites. We want you to be part of our 100th show. Want to donate something and help use get a pile of prizes to give away?

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Check out Truecrypt
Secures a Kingston
Windows Privacy Tools
Google News Feeds
Cameras Everywhere!
Siberia not frozen anymore!
Podcasting whats the big deal!
PSP Email Application!
7Ghz Overclock
OSX Running on a Pure Intel box designed for Windows!
Xbox 360 lock down!
Show us the Money!
Top Tech We miss!
Jon Udell getting Podcast Spirit!
BitTorrent seeded with Cash!!
Skype 3 Billion Please!
Robert I know a Network!
Engadget Claims they have 50-75,000 listeners?
DirecTV ready to pull TiVo plug?
Take from Spammers give to the Spam Fighters!
Japanese Artist defy Sony signs with iTunes!
Fedex Furniture!
MSN Spaces Power Tools

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