Would you write honest opinons of Products if they were given to you?

I have been so busy that I missed this. Seems a elite group of people in silicon valley will be getting some cool gadgets and products for free. The only deal they have to write whether they like the items or not. My question is why not give some of these devices to people that are down in the trenches instead of the famous, rich and well connected. Let these people test and evaluate the product and produce a review that average people can trust.

I don’t want to hear what some corporate big shot has to say about a product but I do think those that are not connected, do not have wide stock portfolio’s and are on all the “A” list have my best interest at heart. Will I trust what my neighbor has to say “Yes” do I trust what some company executive has to say “not as much”.

These 100 elite testers get to keep the products. I hope they do the right thing and since they can afford it they should send the device after they test it to a variety of bloggers and see if our opinions match what they have to say. This would balance the playing field.\

Like the Apprentice on TV now Trump was smart in putting the college educated up against the street smart high school graduates. He understands marketing and these people would do well to include some common folk on the evaluation of their products. [MSNBC]

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  1. Why do they get all the loot?

    You know it is just amazing how people that are able to be early adopters of new technology can afford the gadgets that sometimes aren t even out yet. Fact of the matter is most of them can…

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