TP-Link AV200 Powerline Adapter

I have been testing a TP-Link AV200 Powerline Adapter now for the past 2 weeks. I have had experience with Powerline adapters from other companies in the past and for this test I really wanted to see how effective it would be when I re-located my kids Xbox to the Garage.

The distance from the Wireless router to where the Xbox is setup in the Garage is about 40 feet. The signal strength was not sufficient for some reason there to make the Xbox Live experience a good one. My son kept telling me he was getting killed in the games due to the lag on the connection. So I plugged in one powerline adapter in the Garage to regular wall jack and the other one in my office to a power strip (not recommended) a connected the lan cables up to the router and the Xbox.

Immediately the Xbox connected and my son was a happy camper. Knowing that you usually should not hook up a Powerline device to a power strip, I wanted to see what the speed difference was. Hooking up a laptop I did some speed test hooked up to wall connections on both devices and then with one hooked up to a power strip. The results were no different so I did not feel bad leaving the router side hooked to a powerstrip.

With limited powerplugs in the room my router was in this worked out well. Overall great speed through these TP-Link Powerline devices they are rated at 200mps for data transfer, can go as far as 300 meters. have 128bit encryption and are even green and save up to 65% power in their ability to power down when not in use. Great for wiring up set top boxes and taking the internet in your home where it currently is not available.

Here is the best part, unlike their competitors the price on these start at around $75.00 on most retail outlets compared to other companies PowerLine product pricing this is a great deal!


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