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TP-Link AV200 Powerline Adapter

I have been testing a TP-Link AV200 Powerline Adapter now for the past 2 weeks. I have had experience with Powerline adapters from other companies in the past and for this test I really wanted to see how effective it would be when I re-located my kids Xbox to the Garage.

The distance from the Wireless router to where the Xbox is setup in the Garage is about 40 feet. The signal strength was not sufficient for some reason there to make the Xbox Live experience a good one. My son kept telling me he was getting killed in the games due to the lag on the connection. So I plugged in one powerline adapter in the Garage to regular wall jack and the other one in my office to a power strip (not recommended) a connected the lan cables up to the router and the Xbox.

Immediately the Xbox connected and my son was a happy camper. Knowing that you usually should not hook up a Powerline device to a power strip, I wanted to see what the speed difference was. Hooking up a laptop I did some speed test hooked up to wall connections on both devices and then with one hooked up to a power strip. The results were no different so I did not feel bad leaving the router side hooked to a powerstrip.

With limited powerplugs in the room my router was in this worked out well. Overall great speed through these TP-Link Powerline devices they are rated at 200mps for data transfer, can go as far as 300 meters. have 128bit encryption and are even green and save up to 65% power in their ability to power down when not in use. Great for wiring up set top boxes and taking the internet in your home where it currently is not available.

Here is the best part, unlike their competitors the price on these start at around $75.00 on most retail outlets compared to other companies PowerLine product pricing this is a great deal!


D-Link Wireless Day/Night Home Network Camera

I have been using a D-Link Wireless day and night home network camera DSC-932L for the past month or so. This is a great camera when you want to keep an eye on the house, talk with kids, let grandma login and chat with just a web browser.

I set my camera up in my studio and used it quit a bit when I was on travel. My wife was having trouble with her iPad and I could not understand what she was talking about so I told her to go to the office and hold the iPad up in front of the camera. I logged into the D-Link website “mylink” and saw what she was talking about and walked her through the issue. But where I think this camera could really be worth it’s weight in gold is you can have one of these in a living room, or baby bedroom and you can monitor the baby sitter or just monitor the baby in bed.

I was able to access the camera via my iPhone/iPad and they also have a Android app as well. If your in front of your computer you can get to it via your private security enabled login.

Setting the camera up took about 10 minutes and it is connected via wifi to my wireless router. The camera as a night mode as well. I will say the night mode of the camera is not as good as the night mode on my home security systems.  You can find this camera at all the major retail outlets as well as online from $99,00 to $139.00 the model number is DCS-932L.

So if your looking to get a camera that you can access via the web, iPhone, iPad, Android powered with D-Link mydlink service I think you will be pleased with this camera.

Digital Innovations Digital Maintenance and Repair Kits

Several weeks ago the review team here at Geek News Central received a package of goods from Digital Innovations that can be best described as a Digital Repair kit. We received the SkipDr for DVD and CD Repair, SkipDr for Blu-Ray 3 Disk Repair, ScreenDr electronic Screen cleaning System and two Laser lens cleaners one for Blu-Raw and one for DVD. Our policy here at GNC is to actually use the products in real world conditions.

Test and Review of SkipDr Disk Repair – We received a couple of DVD’s from Netflix and when we played one of them, it was skipping really bad. I did the typical wipe the disk off trick that most of us probably do but it really did not help the skipping. I unpacked the SkipDR Disk Repair cleaner and cleaned the DVD with the cleaner and was pretty impressed the disk going in looked pretty bad and coming out it looked a 100% better. In fact it looked like I had just unpacked it from the store.

I took the same opportunity to run the lens cleaner on the DVD player as well. When I stuck the disk back in, and played it there was no skipping any longer on the chapter in question, and my wife said that the picture actually looked better. While my eyes could not discern that big of a change I know that the DVD player has never had a cleaning disk installed. Since that first test we have had several other DVD’s arrive from Netflix that have had some skipping issues and we have cleaned each of those with the SkipDr and had fantastic results.

I have been a bit of a doubting thomas over the years with these types of gadgets. But I am pretty convinced that the folks from Digital Innovations have hit the nail on the head with this one. We were in Best Buy yesterday and saw there products spread throug the store and I asked a salesman if the units work, knowing full well that they did and he mentioned that he had one himself and that they have been pretty popular. So next time your in Best Buy grab a SkipDR from Digital Innovations.

Living in Hawaii we have this horrendous Red Dirt problem, while the weather is always beautiful the Red Dirt dust gets everywhere including computer screens. I gave the ScreenDR a run for it’s money on my computer sreens and was really impressed. The innovative packaging comes with a micro fiber cloth in the cap which drapes over the spraying mechanism. This gurantees the cloth will stay with the cleaning solution. You simply spray the cloth and wipe the screens. It works great on iPad and iPhone screens as well and appears to me to help prevent smudges from building up so quickly.

Overall I am very impressed with their entire cleaning and repair product line. The CD/DVD/Blu-Ray cleaners and repair kits start at $39.95 with replacement kits when the cleaning element needs to be replaced at about $13.00 the ScreenDr product comes in a variety of sizes with the largest retailing at $20.00. To check out their full line of products visit the Digital Innovations web site to see their full line of products and services.

The only suggestion I have is that they package a small carrying bag / case for the SkipDr so that you can keep the cleaning fluid , cloths and cleaners together this would make sure that the kit would be kept together as in the ScreenDR