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Treehouse Labs and BiKN

BiKN LogoTreehouse Labs has been working hard on its BiKN Technology Platform and the first consumer product based on the technology has now been announced. BiKN for iPhone uses a smart case, the myBiKN app and small, clip-on tags to help people find the things they tagged from their phone or page their phone from one of the tags. If you are wondering, BiKN is pronounced “beacon”.BiKN Tag

The app and tags can be used for different functions, such as Find, Leash and Page. The Find mode shows a visual meter and audio signal on the iPhone that helps locate the missing item. The Leash feature enables the user to control how far a tagged item can be separated from the smart case before an alarm sounds on both the iPhone and tag. Sounds handy for keeping track of wayward children! The Page function can sound an alert on one or more tags.

In creating BiKN we asked, ‘why can’t your phone case protect more than just your phone?’. BiKN is essentially a wireless network for your stuff with both a head – our smart case – and a heart – the myBiKN app.” said John Howard, Founder & CEO of Treehouse Labs. “It’s not just an alarm or a tether. BiKN enables your iPhone to keep up with your stuff and your stuff to page your phone. Even if it is dead or turned off.

BiKN for iPhone is a CES 2012 Design Innovation and Engineering Award Honoree (.pdf) and GNC will be chatting with Treehouse Labs at CES.