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Sling Talks Slingboxes at CES

Sling LogoSlingMedia and its associated Slingbox are synonymous with place-shifting TV programming. Simply, by connecting a SlingBox into a domestic satellite or cable TV setup, owners can view their cable or satellite feed from anywhere in the world. Whatever can be viewed in the living room can be viewed remotely. The first Slingbox debuted in 2005 and with the 10th anniversary approaching, Jamie and Todd chat with Andy Panizza about the latest developments from SlingMedia.

The Slingbox M1 ($149) is the entry-level Slingbox and it brings Wi-Fi connectivity to the whole Slingbox range for the first time, winning it PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice. The Slingbox 500 ($249) introduced SlingTV which overlays program guides and additional information onto the home TV screen as well as providing place-shifting. Both units are available now.

Interview by Jamie Davis of Health Tech Weekly and Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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SlingBox and Boxee Box Together

SlingBox is now available through the Boxee Box. SlingBox connects directly to your cable or satellite box and allows you to watch anything that is available through that box no matter where you are. It works whether you are in the next room or the other side of the world. It comes in two version one that runs standard definition video and the other both SD and HD video. The Boxee box is a separate box that allows you to watch and listen to your favorite content from the Internet, including Netflix, Vimeo, MLB, Pandora and Flickr just to name a few of the hundreds of apps that are available on the Boxee Box. Now there is one more addition to the Boxee Box the SlingBox app.

Now if you have a monitor with a Boxee Box attached to it you can use your SlingBox through it. This would be great if let say if you have Boxee Box attached to a monitor and you don’t want to pay for another cable box, but you would like to watch live TV on it occasionally. Perhaps you have a summer home again you can use the SlingBox app on the Boxee Box to watch what is on your cable box at home. The SlingBox application is free however for it to work you must have an actual SlingBox, which run from $179 for the SlingBox Solo and $299 for the SlingBox Pro HD. This application works only with the stand alone Boxee Box and not the Boxee application you run on your computer. If you have a SlingBox and a Boxee Box, this application is a great addition.

FCC vs AT&T, Apple, Google

In what is sure to be one of the strangest and most debated Heavyweight technological showdowns of the 21st Century the FCC has called AT&T, Apple and Google to the principle’s office to get the bottom of things.

Since Apple introduced the App Store some people have defended them and their approach, “If we control the apps it will provide a better experience for everyone.”

Leading up to this, they (Apple/AT&T) have crippled the function of some major applications such as Slingbox and now Google’s apps, which have much better support on other devices on the same network such as Blackberry.

I think Apple is stuck between AT&T and the contract that they signed in trying to get their iPhone out the public with the best deal they could secure at the time.

But that excuse is starting to wear thin. In no way am I going to confuse my phone and a service that I signed up, was invited, then accepted and then installed the app on phone for the basic dialer on my phone.

My guess is AT&T viewed the next iPod of the cell phone market as the greatest thing ever for their bottom line, but underestimated the effect on their network.

When geeks across the world started using and creating programs for this device, that was bad enough, but when it hit the mainstream like AT&T had hoped it would like the iPod did they started to see the box they had opened.
Not only did they have one of the hottest selling technology devices, but it was back by a group that knew how to use it and wanted a lot from it. If that wasn’t bad enough, Apple and users were showing even more things to do with it other than check email and see some dumb down version of a website.
Now with the Google Voice app, it isn’t their data network that is in possible trouble, but their over priced SMS messaging service (Free on Google Voice) and number portability that is offered.
The outrageous data rates on SMS charged by carriers is  a know fact, the number portability is the thing that I think really gets them going. Take a tech savvy crowd, a free phone number for life, and no commitment to the old number that the carriers use to hold over you if ever though about moving on. That is the beginning of carrier impendence; the carrier and number are no longer the concern. Then it becomes the features and rates offered to you.

Now am I in no way trying to defend Apple in their choice to disapprove these items, I think it is their duty to their customers at the very least to explain exactly why programs such as these were declined and not hide behind a blanket statement.

I think if Apple had made this phone available to at least two carriers when it launched, much of the end user problems would have been avoided due to the simple fact of market competition and Apple being able to point the to the other carrier’s support or lack there of an application.

As much as I love and depend on my iPhone for my day-to-day business, I will really have start wondering what is a better value for me.

As always I can be contacted at Jparie@gmail.com, please let me know how your feel.

GNC-2007-06-22 #278

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