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Is Microsoft looking to put a dent in Orb and Slingbox bottom line?

I have a windows media player that I have been paying a lot more attention to since CES and I have a very good friend who has a Slingbox which he really loves. I have been wondering for sometime why Microsoft doesn’t allow me to do the same thing with Windows Media Center as Slingbox and Orb provide.

Well according to engadget there are some rumors on the street that is hinting that Microsoft may be getting ready to release a Windows Media Player update that will do some of the functions of Slingbox and Orb. [Engadget]

Nation Wide Google WiFi for free how it could change everything!

First I want to thank one of readers for sending us the Google WiFi link yesterday, he helped us be one of the first few sites to post the information which resulted in one of our higher traffic days around here. More info is on the street tonight.

Those of you that took the time to read the FAQ which is no longer online it was noted that the service was only going to be rolled out in and around Google HQ. A lot of people jumped on this today with lots of speculation that they are likely going to be launching something nation wide based upon all the bandwidth they have been buying up.

Time will tell but I bet that they have the telco’s, wireless and broadband providers scared to death.

Here are some thoughts.

1. Google Talk Anyplace Anytime (Replace Phone Company)
2. Surf the net Anyplace Anytime (Replace Broadband Cable Providers)
3. Sell services such as TV Programming, Videos etc through that Free Wifi pipe!
4. Sell a hardware device you can use to surf the net, talk on the phone, watch TV, listen to audio through this free WiFi Network!

If they follow through on this, this single act will route around all of the major commercial data providers. Google wins big and kills a lot of companies in the process gaining market share by simply giving away free WiFi nation wide and selling premium services. [Silicon Valley]

Winzip may cost you something now!

I have at least 7 licenses for Winzip and have always paid for the application. Obviously a lot of you are running hacked versions of the program. Well their is a new Sheriff in town and you may soon very well find Winzip to not be as nice when it comes to those running cracked versions.

Expect the next versions of the program to have significant security upgrades and features that only registered / verified users are going to be getting. I for one look forward to seeing what tricks they have up their sleeve and look forward to supporting one of the applications that is a integral part of my desktop. [Cnet]

Pubsub saw my post and responded!

I had a e-mail come in late last night from the Pubsub staff and they fixed my problem. Cool thing is they saw my problem obviously from a keyword they were tracking. They were concerned that my e-mail to support had went missing and actually had me send a test message to their site. Apparently this is a bug they are aware of. So if you are using Pubsub keyword searches and the results dry up send them a e-mail and tell them about it.. [Pubsub]