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DJI Multirotor Copters at The Gadget Show

Quadcopters and multi-rotor copters were very much in evidence at the Gadget Show, from the Parrot AR.Drone to tiny nano quadcopters. DJI had one of the most impressive ranges at the show, along with a flight demonstration area on the stand.

The newly launched Phantom 2 Vision+ is a quadcopter with a digital video camera payload and the capabilities are impressive. It can stream video from the camera to your smartphone while in flight using wi-fi, record 1080p HD video to a microSD card, hold position above the ground in winds up to 25 mph and fly for around 25 minutes. The batteries can easily be swapped, so a spare battery will get the quadcopter flying again immediately. The remote control unit lets you clip your smartphone to the handset so you easily see what the camera is recording while flying the aircraft. What you get for your money is incredible – an entry level model is GB£349 and the Vision+ is £915.

DJI Phantom

Four rotors not enough? DJI has six and eight rotor variants for professional users.

Six Rotor Copter

Eight Rotor Copter

Andy takes me through the features of the new Phantom 2 Vision+ at the Gadget Show. I want one!

RC Eye One Quadcopter for the child in all of us

The Consumer Electronics Show is all about gadgets — mostly computers, tablets, TV’s and the like. However, in 2013 we saw more home products like appliances. This time around we are taking a look at a toy — the RC Eye One Quadcopter.

If you are into remote control aircraft, or would like to start, then this is a device worth looking at. It has three different flight configurations — beginner, sport and expert. The craft can do up to 20 miles-per-hour and has a range of “out of sight”. That is probably not recommended, as you would likely crash it before losing your signal. Although, if that does happen,you can purchase spare parts from the company.

Head over to the web site for more information. The quadcopter will retail for $70.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net

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