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Thanks for your support Rob

Podshow made an announcement of securing GoDaddy as a sponsor for their podcasters. I am sure they will have as good a run on that network as they continue to have here at Geek News Central and on the Tech Podcast Network. You can bet that Podshow will never ever give credit to my company or my show for having paved that path. As most of you that read this site know GoDaddy has been and continues to be a sponsor here and over on the Tech Podcast Network.

My show was one of the first to secure a sponsor nearly 9 months ago with GoDaddy and Tech Podcast was the first network to secure multiple sponsors including GoDaddy and GotoMeeting, I want to thank Rob Greenlee for recognizing that in a post he put on his website a couple of days ago.

Godaddy has learned the value of advertising within Podcasts as other companies are starting to recognize. I wish Podshow good luck and hope that their advertising implementation with GoDaddy is as effective as our campaign has been.

But I do want to say this, if you are a podcaster and you work with me you will always have the full details of any ad deal and I will guarantee you get paid your fair share my motto remains podcasters do the work podcasters get paid, if you are looking for a sponsor on your podcast just drop me a line. [Mobile Podcasting]

By the way Blubrry and RasBrry is coming