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History Is About To Repeat

I remember it well. Back around October of 2004, I first heard the word “podcast” used on The David Lawrence Show via my XM Satellite Radio. It sounded interesting, and I wrote it down on my driver logbook cover with the idea of looking it up later. I heard David mention it again once or twice over the next few weeks. Finally, in early December of 2004 I finally got around to looking it up. I found Adam Curry’s podcast, realized what it was, and knew that I felt compelled to not only listen to podcasts but get involved as a podcaster myself. This was exactly what I’d been looking for for many years – a wide variety of content that I could choose, download, and control the playback/consumption of on MY terms.

Podcasting took previously-existing elements and applied them with a new twist. MP3 files had already existed for a number of years. Virtually every computer already came with a sound card and had the basic ability to both play back and record audio. Portable MP3 players had been around for a while. Apart from Adam Curry’s and Dave Winer’s contribution of the podcasting concept and making it work, the one key element that suddenly made podcasting viable and actually inevitable was the fact that Internet bandwidth got good enough to make it practical.

Practical is an important key.

We have now passed another important milestone in terms of mobile bandwidth. Mobile bandwidth, while not yet perfect, has improved dramatically in both terms of data delivery and coverage. About three or more years ago I had experimented with streaming audio via my smartphone while driving my truck, and quickly determined that it wasn’t viable. I couldn’t listen long at all before I would lose the stream. No problem, I had plenty of podcasts to listen to.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about Pandora.Com lately, so last week I finally tried the Pandora Android app out on my new Sprint HTC Evo. To my surprise, it worked amazingly well – even in Arizona and the western third of New Mexico along Interstate 40 where Sprint still has 1XRT service. The streaming music sounded great, and the few times it did briefly drop out in a couple of mountainous areas, it automatically reconnected and reestablished the playback stream.

(By the way, a side note – I was surprised to learn that Verizon has NO data card coverage around the Kingman, Arizona area – my Verizon aircard would NOT connect in the Kingman area.)

Streaming radio via the Internet in a moving vehicle is now practical. Smartphones have also reached critical mass to the point where they are really beginning to move into the mainstream. Even though streaming Internet audio has been around for quite a few years at this point, I believe the automotive market for streaming audio is about to open up in a massive way.

Up until this point most people have felt that streaming Internet radio had plateaued or was only going to grow slowly. I believe that improved cell networks along with smartphone proliferation will create a new market for streaming audio services. The automobile has been the traditional stronghold of terrestrial and now satellite radio services. An old kid that’s been around a while suddenly has a big and growing shot at a new lease-on life.

I believe opportunities exist for streaming Internet radio stations that deliver highly specialized content. For us geeks, imagine a 24/7 tech-centric streaming station. The sky really is the limit. The cost of running a streaming station can be very low, so therefore it becomes possible and practical to narrowcast to relatively small audiences.

Tech Podcast Round Table this coming Saturday May 31st

Announcing the Next Tech Podcast Round Table Saturday May 31st at 1pm Pacific – 4pm Eastern We will have presentations from:

  • Andy McCaskey on a new HP Product
  • Todd Cochrane on Lefora and new FrienFeed Features
  • Rick Savoia on Crossloop

You can join the Interactive Portion of the event by Joining our GotoMeeting Session at the appointed time.

Click This Icon to Join The Meeting Windows and Mac users Invited


To join the Audio Portion of our Program please visit and setup and account. You will be issued a username and password that you will use to join the audio portion of the program.

Fifteen Minutes Before we start Click on Following Icon to Join the Audio Portion of the program.


This event is Sponsored by GotoMeeting you can get a free 30 day trial by visiting Supporting our Sponsors allow us to do what we do!

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Tech Podcast Live Round Table this Saturday June 3rd

Tech Podcast Round Table Announcement
Saturday June 3rd
1:30 Pacific – 4:30 Eastern
Signup Today

I am pleased to announce an upcoming Tech Podcast Round Table this coming Saturday, June 3rd. This will be a live event, and will cover some great topics. To preregister visit . This event will be hosted on GotoMeeting which is a windows based application, there will have a live stream available as well.

Something new this month is we will have a Skypecast in session during the Round Table so you will be able to dial in for free via Skype.

On the Agenda:
A discussion on some of the Hottest Software tools and Sites on the Net
Mackie Traction 2 Recording Software Demo
Promoting your Podcast in Second Life
More Topics to be announced.

Prize Giveaways Include a book from No Starch Press on PGP and GPC

Thanks for your support Rob

Podshow made an announcement of securing GoDaddy as a sponsor for their podcasters. I am sure they will have as good a run on that network as they continue to have here at Geek News Central and on the Tech Podcast Network. You can bet that Podshow will never ever give credit to my company or my show for having paved that path. As most of you that read this site know GoDaddy has been and continues to be a sponsor here and over on the Tech Podcast Network.

My show was one of the first to secure a sponsor nearly 9 months ago with GoDaddy and Tech Podcast was the first network to secure multiple sponsors including GoDaddy and GotoMeeting, I want to thank Rob Greenlee for recognizing that in a post he put on his website a couple of days ago.

Godaddy has learned the value of advertising within Podcasts as other companies are starting to recognize. I wish Podshow good luck and hope that their advertising implementation with GoDaddy is as effective as our campaign has been.

But I do want to say this, if you are a podcaster and you work with me you will always have the full details of any ad deal and I will guarantee you get paid your fair share my motto remains podcasters do the work podcasters get paid, if you are looking for a sponsor on your podcast just drop me a line. [Mobile Podcasting]

By the way Blubrry and RasBrry is coming