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GNC-2010-10-26 #621 No New Tricaster Yet!

Hey folks back in Hawaii for two shows only, then I will be in Albuquerque for 3 weeks on a consulting gig. Really weird doing the show without the tricaster, one thing for sure I have a whole lot less to do in the show which was kinda nice for a change. Had my outpatient work done on my arm today where the took some skin samples to from some suspect spots so should know at the end of the week whether I will need some more intensive treatment or not, fingers are crossed.

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Announcing the 2010 Podcast Awards!

I decided to pull the trigger and go ahead with the 2010 Podcast Awards which will be the 6th Annual. The work involved to do the awards is significant, fortunately I have had a number of folks step forward and volunteer to help this year.

We kick off nominations on November 7th and run for two weeks. We will start voting in early December and hold the awards during my 24hr Podcast to be held about a week before Christmas. As always we are looking for sponsors for the 2010 event.

The number of sponsors we get will determine if we have trophies in 2010, as last year I had to cover about 30% of the cost of the trophies and I really cannot do that two years in a row.

2009 Podcast Awards Nominations!

NominationsOpen120x240The 2009 People’s Choice Podcast Awards Nomination period gets underway on Oct 4th 2009. Podcasters have had over a month to prepare their audiences for the 14 day nomination period. As the founder of the awards my show is not eligible, but it brings me joy to recognize the nominees and ultimately the winners of the 22 categories.

The bags of ice are ready for the servers because in just a few short days the site will go from a sleepy 5000 hits a day to over 300,000 hits a day.. It’s pretty amazing to watch. Lots of opportunities for podcasters that get their audiences nominated. I look forward to moving through the stages..

We are still looking for some more sponsors as well take a look at the advertising opportunities! Finally I want to wish all the shows good luck.

2009 Podcast Awards

pca-2009 It is Podcast Awards Season again and for many of you that helped me in 2008 you know  how much hard work it is to put this event together. I had contemplated not holding the event this year. But the number of emails that I have been responding to convinced me to go ahead and get the ball rolling.

We will follow the same rules as 2008 and will be looking for sponsors to provide some great prizes for all of our winners. Last year we were able to give away more than $5000.00 in prizes to all of the award winners.

Nominations open on Oct 4th, 2009 at 2100 EST. Details are on the Podcast Awards website. We will be putting the site into pre-nomination mode tomorrow when our good friends from One Technologies login and get the site ready for the 14 million visitors over the next 60 days.

Last year the servers nearly melted we will see if we can actually bring it to it’s knees this year.

Todd Cochrane
Founder Podcast Awards