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“The iPhone won’t make a long term mark on the industry” and other gems from 2007

The Cell Phone Of The Future...Probably

I have no idea how I came across this article this morning – a commentary piece that ran on Bloomberg.com in early 2007. In retrospect, it reads like a humor piece. See, in January 2007 Matthew Lynn made a series of speculations about how the then-recently announced iPhone – from that little upstart gadget company called Apple – would fall flat on it’s figurative face.

I’ll let Lynn’s words do the explaining, since he seems to have stuck both feet and most of his legs into his mouth back in 2007:

“The big competitors in the mobile-phone industry such as Nokia Oyj and Motorola Inc. won’t be whispering nervously into their clamshells over a new threat to their business….The iPhone is nothing more than a luxury bauble that will appeal to a few gadget freaks. In terms of its impact on the industry, the iPhone is less relevant.”

It gets better. Lynn goes on to claim that Apple was too late to the phone-party. The company wouldn’t be able to foster proper relationships with carriers – “Apple has never been good at working with other companies. If it knew how to do that, it would be Microsoft Corp.” (that particular line almost sent coffee shooting out of my nose). And Lynn goes on to profess a collection of other, painfully wrong predictions about the impending failure of Apple and iPhone.

Now, I know hindsight is 20/20 and we’re all guilty of completely missing the mark when it comes to anticipating outcomes. But this guy steps in it so deep that it’s hard not to notice his absurd observations – mainly that he has some weird, misplaced fascination with battery charger weights and the infallibility of some company called Nokia (I think they’re still around – chasing Apple around with smart phones of their own. At the very least, the name sounds familiar /end sarcasm).

So, Matthew Lynn wrote an article for Bloomberg in 2007 where he categorically deconstructs any chance of Apple succeeding with the launch of the then-new iPhone.

Forgive the guy? Sure. I mean everyone is entitled to his opinion and I’m sure that he has incorporated this embarrassing misstep as a learning experience into his career of writing opinion. Wait….What’s that? Matthew Lynn has a Twitter account? Let’s take a look and see what Mr. Lynn is up to.

In the last 30 days, he’s posted three times about either the impending doom of Apple as a company or the risk of investing in the company. That’s like the guy whose most hated team is winning by 50 runs in 9th inning with one out left and he is still holding out hope for an embarrassing loss.

I’m no financial writer like Lynn is (he still writes for WSJ and Money Week, according to his bio) and I’m not picking on the guy, but read the 2007 piece about the iPhone. Maybe even read in on your iPhone for maximum snarkiness. Maybe in some alternate universe, Lynn was right and there are a bunch of people talking on clamshell Nokias, listening to music on their Zunes as they ride Segways to Borders while 1st gen iPhones sit in junk drawers.

But for now, in 2012, I’m just going to follow him on Twitter – probably from my iPhone 4…maybe even my iPad 2 – and try not to shoot coffee from my nose.

Image: Telephone from BigStock

Out of the Shadow of the iPhone

Samsung Galaxy BeamAt this time of year the technology circus does its tour of the world….CES in Las Vegas, MWC in Barcelona and CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. Interspersed are product launches by major companies like Apple.

When Apple and subsequently Microsoft decided to move away from the industry events and do their own mini-shows, many commentators noted that it was disappointing that the market leaders weren’t going to be attending and predicted the death of the big show. From all the evidence I see, it’s been the best thing that ever happened.

Take Mobile World Congress last week – it was a great show with Samsung, Nokia, HTC, RIM all putting out great phones and tablets. With the figures showing Android well ahead of iOS in the US new handset market and the absence of Apple at the show, it really felt like smartphones had come out from under the shadow of the iPhone. Companies were daring to innovate and be a bit different because the competition is no longer simply about being better than the iPhone, it’s about being better than Android competitors.

HTC’s One line-up might not be earth-shattering but there’s a progression from entry-level to top-end. Samsung continues to produce different sizes and integrate other technologies, such as pico projectors (Galaxy Beam), and Nokia supports its long-term plans in the Windows Phone market while still introducing a bonkers megapixel camera on the older line.

In comparison, Apple would have produced largely the same phone as the last one, only a bit faster, yet would have stolen all the headlines. Great products for sure, but Apple isn’t innovating, it’s perfecting.

The smartphone market is in rude health and it’s great to see genuine innovation and competition rather than the predictable progression of a near monopoly.

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Nokia E6 and X7 Smartphones Announced

Nokia today announced two new smartphones, the E6 and the X7, both sporting the latest version of Symbian, codenamed “Anna”. The Nokia E6 adds to the business range and the Nokia X7 excels at games and entertainment. The new Anna software has new icons and usability improvements, including better text input, faster browsing and a refreshed Ovi Maps.

We are further strengthening Nokia’s smartphone portfolio with these two new devices, both of which offer a more beautiful and intuitive user experience that will soon also be available for the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01,” said Jo Harlow, head of Nokia’s Smart Devices business. “With these new products and more Symbian devices and user enhancements coming in the near future, we are confident we can keep existing Nokia smartphone customers engaged, as well as attract new first-time and competitor smartphone users.”

The E6 takes over from the E71 and E72, coming with a keyboard and hi-res touch screen. Designed as a premium device with glass and stainless steel, it offers the business user access to Microsoft Exchange, Communicator and Sharepoint.

The X7 features a 4″ display which is great for games and movie playback. The 8 megapixel camera rounds out the features, with HD video capture. Also constructed from glass and stainless steel, it’s a solid device, albeit with an unusual design. It will come preloaded with Galaxy on Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD games.

These look like good phones but are these Symbian’s last hurrah before Windows Mobile 7?

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Nokia N97 Mini Smartphone Review

This week, it’s the turn of Nokia’s N97 mini to come under the harsh glare of the GNC spotlight.  Now over a year old, the smartphone market has changed significantly in the last 12 months, so how does the N97 mini stack up against the current offerings from Android, Apple and Palm?

As the name suggests, this is smaller version of the N97. At just over 11 cm tall, 5 cm wide and about 15 mm deep this is a small phone and would have been the smallest smartphone on release. Unfortunately, the Xperia X10 mini probably holds this crown now. The styling of the phone is simple without being utilitarian but does feel a little dated compared with the latest offerings from htc and co. The resistive touchscreen is 3.2″ with 640 x360 pixels and looks clear and detailed.

Continuing in the long-established tradition of Nokia Communicators, this is a side-slider (or horizontal slide) with a bit of a difference as the screen tilts up as well. This is a great feature as when the phone is on your desk with the slider open, it’s really easy to see what’s on the tilted screen. Unfortunately, there’s no chance of typing while the phone is on the desk as it wobbles too much. If there just been a little bump below the camera, it would have stabilised it beautifully.

Other than that little issue, the keyboard is good to use. The keys are flat and slightly rectangular with plenty of space round them. You’d need very large fingers to have a problem hitting more than one key at a time.

In use as phone, I thought that the call quality was good to excellent as I could hear people very clearly. The people at the other end of the phone commented that while they too could hear me very well but sometimes the microphone also picked up other noises, such as the phone rubbing against my face.

Moving onto the software on the N97 mini, it’s all very similar to that found on the E5 last week. Too similar in some instances, in that the non-touch screen Nokia heritage is often evident by having two choices displayed on the screen in the same locations as the (non-existent) buttons. Instead of pressing the buttons, you tap on the screen.  Clearly this is a great way of getting software onto the phone without having to recode for the touchscreen, but at times it felt like a missed opportunity.

It was also evident at times that the OS on the E5 was just a little bit more up-to-date. For example, making a data connection on the E5 was handled without leaving the requesting application, whereas on the N97 mini, if no data connection was present, the application would tell you to establish a connection before running the application.

In terms of the applications available, the two phones were largely identical. Email – check; QuickOffice – check; Adobe PDF reader – check; music player – check; YouTube – check; and so on…  Some features were missing such as the dual Personal and Business modes (though you can have two Home screens) and some of the setup wizards were less comprehensive, but not much in it.

The Home screen does take advantage of the touchscreen, with the ability to rearrange the icons and applets by simply dragging them around.  It’s not completely free-form in that there is snap grid.  Applets can also be downloaded and added to the home screen. With the weather here in the UK, the first app I tried was AccuWeather which delivered further bad news.

Further, Ovi maps is much improved through the use of the touch screen as it makes moving around the maps and selecting options easier. The GPS tracking was quick to lock-on to locations, even when inside, though your mileage may vary.

The web browser on the N97 mini is also much better than that on the E5. Most websites rendered well, particularly when in landscape mode and it was much easier to scroll round the webpage using your finger.

The N97 mini also comes equipped with dual cameras. The main 5 MP (2584 x 1938 pixels) camera is in the normal place on the back, but there’s also front-facing camera for video calls. It’s only 640 x 480 pixels.  Regrettably, I wasn’t able to actually try out a video call.

The Ovi Store has loads of applications for the N97 mini, both free and paid-for. Downloading and installing is a doddle as is updating software when new versions come out.

A quick mention about the touchscreen. It’s only a resistive screen, rather than the newer capacitive screens, though frankly you’d be hard pushed to tell.  I wasn’t sure until I discovered that styluses worked. Personally, I think multitouch is overrated so if you’d rather have a screen that works with a stylus, the N97 mini is for you.

I really liked using this phone in landscape mode – it kind of felt more natural – but this showed up one irritating bug.  Normally, the phone doesn’t auto-rotate but assumes that if you have the keyboard open, the phone should be in landscape and if the keyboard is closed, the phone should be in portrait mode. There is a setting to auto-rotate the screen display and the screen rotates to match the orientation. The bug is that if you are in landscape mode with the keyboard out, when you actually close the keyboard, the screen always changes to portrait mode before taking a couple seconds to revert back to landscape. Not a big deal I know, it’s annoying when you’ve merely opened the keyboard to enter a web-address and now you want to read the page with the keyboard closed.

Overall, the N97 mini is a good phone even 12 months after release. It’s certainly not in the same league now as the Windows Phone 7, Android, Apple or even Palm offerings but if you are a long-time Nokia user wanting a small touchscreen phone, this is a great choice. You can get it free on a £25 per month 24 month contract or direct from Nokia for £289. There’s also a limited edition gold-plated variant at £479.  No really.

Thanks very much to Nokia for the loan of the N97 mini.