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NewTek and Wowza Deliver Joint Streaming Device

NewTek and Wowza Media Systems announced the immediate availability of MediaDS, a revolutionary real-time encoding and live streaming video delivery system.

MediaDS is a hardware and software solution merging NewTek’s industry-leading live production technology with the powerful, proven Wowza streaming software in an IRU footprint. The result is the industry’s first end-to-end streaming solution to allow producers to launch their own multi-channel content networks from their production site and deliver a live video stream directly to their viewers.

For enhanced scalability, producers can also create a virtual CDN or edge network by connecting together multiple MediaDS  – either through a local area network, or remotely over IP to cross wide geographic boundaries. Video production to content delivery over IP makes enterprise deployments effortless.

MediaDS also organized to extend their brand beyond actual video content. The system not only acts as a media server, but also will host all required content – including web pages which are independently customizable – for audience viewing, to ensure that the on-screen experience adheres to organizational brand guidelines. Embed codes are also available to insert the Wowza Player into existing webpages to complement your current web presence.

MediaDS ensures the optimal audio-visual experience for viewing audiences right from the system by introducing another layer of quality control into any signal flow. With support for dedicated multiviewer monitoring, a local operator can observe all video streams in real time or focus on a specific channel full-screen, and manage image and sound quality with integrated waveform and vectorscope displays, independent of color correction tools, and multi-channel audio level control available for every stream. Producers can also stack multiple channels from the same source, and encode them into different renditions as a grouped stream to enable adaptive bitrate streaming.

MediaDS is available immediately for $11,995 USMSP. International pricing may vary.

TriCaster Mini – Go Make Your Own Show!

NewTek LogoNewTek has something that will make it so much easier for people to get out into the world and record video. It is the TriCaster Mini. It enables people to create and publish awesome video content in just minutes and to stream it live!

The TriCaster Mini can replace the expensive professional equipment that some people have been lugging around in order to film a video. Its an all-in-one studio style production system that can be used no matter what your skill level happens to be. Those new to production will be able to use it and those more experienced will love the professional results it can produce.

You will need to add an “off the shelf” video camera (or several, if you prefer). Connect your video camera, a mouse, and a keyboard to the TriCaster Mini and you are ready to go. You can also plug in a microphone or a small audio mixer if you want to use multiple mics in your production.

TriCaster Mini Units

The system can capture live video, overlay graphics, charts, titles, and animations, and even include video that is on another computer. You can use it to have guest speakers call in from their webcams and stream it all live. It will even let you record your work so that it can be posted and watched on-demand later on.

The TriCaster Mini opens up a whole new world for people who are new to video production and live streaming. It also makes things less difficult for professionals who no longer have to bring a ton of equipment along with them to their next video shoot. Further information can be found on the NewTek website.

Are you excited about the TriCaster Mini? NewTek seems to have anticipated that reaction. Scattered across their website are several bright orange buttons that say “I want mine now”. Click one and it will help you find where to purchase one. Here at Geek News Central, we are very excited about the TriCaster Mini and will be trying to get a demo unit.

EditShare Provides Shared Storage Integration for NewTek Customers

EditShare logoEditShare is a leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions for the post-production, TV, and film industries. They have announced their participation in the NewTek Developer Network. NewTek, as you may know, is the provider of the TriCaster multi-camera live video production solution and the 3Play slow-motion instant replay servers.

The new EditShare-NewTek workflow features EditShare shared storage (Xstream, Energy and Field 2). It also features Flow media asset management and Ark backup/archiving. All of this is integrated with NewTek live production systems.

This combined solution lets users capture media directly to central storage and immediately begin editing collaboratively on any industry-standard NLE with EditShare’s advanced project sharing capabilities. The integrated Flow MAM tools for tagging, managing, browsing, and retrieving video as well as non-video assets allow users to better organize and locate content for production.

EditShare shared storage provides industry-leading throughput and stream counts. A 16-drive EditShare shared storage system can sustain over 700 MB/second in any combination of reading or writing (when working in uncompressed HD or 2K).

Optional SSD and 15,000-RPM SAS drive configurations are available for even greater performance. This provides more than enough bandwidth to accommodate the live event captures from NewTek direct to EditShare central storage, while a number of NLE workstations simultaneously edit the material.

New Tek Lowers the Price of the TriCaster 450: Are They feeling the Heat

NewTekNewTek has lowered the price for the TriCaster 455 by $6000, it is now $9995. The TriCaster 455 is described as “the affordable, integrated solution to produce your 4-camera, 14-channel, HD live show with maximum creative firepower—but with minimal proportions.”-(NewTek) Within the podcasting community the TriCaster was made famous when it was first used by Leo Laporte and TWIT. For the longest time if you were a podcaster and wanted to do your shows live, the TriCaster was the way to go. Now though there is a new player in the field, LiveStream which offers the LiveStream Broadcaster, and the Studio Family of Products. The Livestream Studio™ HD50 is $6,999 and the Livestream Studio™ HD500 is $8,500. Both which offer similar options that the TriCaster offers for a much lower prices.

If NewTek the maker of the TriCaster is feeling the pressure than this is good for the live video podcasting community. True competition is always good, it leads to lower prices and better products. If this means a new TriCaster is on the way, well that is even better, either way it is good news.  The TriCaster 455 is an excellent product and this offer is only good until June 27, 2013.  If you are thinking of buying a TriCaster this is the time.

Tricaster TCXD850 Control Surface Review

Since getting my TCXD850 Tricaster back in November, I knew that it was going to be awhile before the control surface for the 850 would be ready, and that operating the new Tricaster with only a mouse, keyboard and their older LC-11 controller was going to be a challenge.

The overload of control options needed to manage the system through the windows interface for a single operator that was also the host, was nearly impossible. Being my operation is largely a one man show, I could not wait to take delivery of the new control surface. Late this afternoon UPS delivered the new control surface, and I have spent the last five hours getting familiarized with all the features.

All I can really say is how did I make it 4 months without this. The form factor is a bit overwhelming as you can see from the image below that it consumes my studio desk.  Sometimes size does mater and in this instance Newtek has really delivered here in a big way. While the price of the controller will make you cringe the ease of managing the Tricaster is worth every penny.

The control surface is broken down into sections, Transitions, Media Player Control, Live Sets, Virtual Input Management, a positioner, record, and two huge sections used for control and organization of live set and standard non green screen views.

I caught my self saying wow a bunch of times, because in reality I have up to this point only used about 10% of the features of the system.  The best part is that I now have two teenagers that want to get behind the controls. Nothing like a lot of lights and switches to get someones juices flowing. If you are considering purchasing a Tricaster and go with the TCXD850, add the control surface to the purchase order, because you will be glad you ordered both. Take it from a guy that has been running one without the new controller for the past 4 months. Also let me know if you are about to pull the trigger on a Newtek product, I will get you hooked up with one of their Platinum Dealers.

I will be talking about the features and showing them off in my next show, so do not miss the next episode of the Geek News Central Podcast. If you want a tour of my entire studio click here.

Tricaster TCXD850 Unboxing

My new Tricaster TCXD850 was delivered this weekend. Ironically I am on extended travel, so I had it delivered to my Hotel room. The maids already were a bit freaked out with all the extra stuff I brought in for this extended trip not sure what they are gonna think now.

The box contained a keyboard, mouse, some adapters, two power cables, a special tool to help with connector removal. I will follow up with a full system review in the next couple of weeks.

Tricaster TCXD850 Delivery Delays

As all of you know I have been awaiting on the delivery of theTricaster TCXD850 to date we are still waiting on delivery. Newtek has not been real public on what is causing the delays beyond heavy demand. With record pre-orders it is apparent that Newtek is having significant trouble working off backlog,  as many of their dealers are still waiting on their initial demo units.

In an age of transparency no news is not necessarily good news and leads to speculation on why they are having so much trouble. They knew demand was going to be high, and should have been able to ramp up production prior to the delivery date. Hardware configuration has been locked in for months, as they have been demonstrating the unit since before NAB. Software updates are to be expected up to launch date, but updating hard drives should be a no brainer in that all the drives are externally available.

For many months the new Tricaster has been eagerly awaited by many production companies and small media productions like mine.  How much longer we have to wait is yet to be seen. My only hope is that Newtek start feeding more information to the dealers so at least we can resume our business planning. Having this much cash outlaid, with this long of a delivery period may be ok for big companies but it really hurts small companies like mine.