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Netatmo Unveils its Smart Video Doorbell at CES 2019

Netatmo, the leading smart home company for a safer and more comfortable home, unveiled its Smart Video Doorbell at CES 2019.

With the Smart Video Doorbell, the user knows who is ringing their doorbell at any moment. The user can see the visitor on their smartphone and speak to them, responding immediately, even when they are not at home. The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell also immediately alerts the user if it detects people loitering around the house.

It is the first doorbell compatible with Apple HomeKit that can be controlled using the Apple Home app or by voice using Siri. The Smart Video Doorbell is also compatible with IFTTT, a platform which connects different apps, connected devices and web services.

When a visitor rings the Doorbell, the users receives a video call on their smartphone and sees their visitor. They can choose to speak to them – or not – and immediately respond remotely from their smartphone whether they are home, in the office, or on the other side of the world.

The user tells the delivery person where to leave a package when they are at the office, turns away salespeople without having to open the door, or welcomes guests while preparing dinner.

Netatmo’s Smart Video Doorbell protects the home from intruders and helps the user feel safe in the event of any suspect activity. Thanks to people detection, the users knows in real time if someone is lurking around the front of their home. A precise ‘Person detected’ notification is received on their smartphone and a video of the event is recorded.

Using the built-in microphone and speaker, the user can speak to the intruder and deter them from approaching their home. For added protection, the Security app alerts the user immediately on their smartphone when someone attempts to deactivate the Doorbell or remove it from the wall.

The Smart Video Doorbell has a 1080p Full HD camera with a large 160-degree wide angle lens giving optimum video quality. The camera’s HDR function adjusts to sudden changes in light and allows the user to clearly see what is happening in front of their home whatever the lighting conditions. This means that visitor’s faces will be clear even against the sunlight.

Netatmo’s Smart Video Doorbell protects the home day and night using infrared night vision. The user can always see the visitor at their door, even in total darkness.

Netatmo’s Smart Video Doorbell will be available for purchase in the second half of 2019.

Visit Netatmo at CES 2019 at Sands Expo, Booth #2104.

June Measures Sun Exposure at CES

Netatmo June BraceletConsumer electronics company Netatmo have announced June, a sun exposure monitoring bracelet aimed at women. June tracks UV intensity and total sun exposure during the day, feeding information to the app which then provides advice on how to best protect their skin. As most of us know, excessive sun exposure causes sunburn and leads to premature skin ageing.

Depending on the user’s skin type, the app calculates the suggested maximum daily UV dose and then presents the percentage of sun exposure as the day goes by. The app can notify the owner when its time to protect her skin by putting on a hat, applying sunscreen or seeking shade.

Designed by French jewellery designer, Camille Toupet, June can either be worn as a bracelet or a brooch and comes in three colours; gold, platinum and gunmetal. June will be available in the second quarter of 2014 priced at US$99 from select fashion, beauty and consumer electronics stores. The June app will be downloadable from iTunes for iPhone 4S and above.

The June bracelet has won two CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards in both “Wearable Technologies” and “Tech for a Better World” categories. The bracelet will be on show at CES in the Convention Centre, South Hall 2, Stand 26 700, if you want to take a look.

I really like the concept behind this and as a parent, I could see a great deal of mileage in a waterproof version for children (and watersports enthusiasts) to wear. If little Johnny spends too long in the sun, the alarm goes off on Dad’s mobile phone.

Netatmo is on a Winning Streak

Netatmo ThermostatNetatmo has received not one, but two, awards this November. One award is for their Weather Station, and the other is for their new Thermostat. Netatmo was created in 2011, and they are obviously doing quite well.

Netatmo won Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award for their Personal Weather Station. Winners of this award will be featured in Popular Science’s Best of What’s New issue in December. In order to win, a product (or technology) must represent “a significant step forward”.

The Personal Weather Station monitors both indoor and outdoor air quality. It notes the temperature, humidity, air pressure, and CO2 levels. The information is wirelessly transferred from the air quality sensors to a person’s iPhone, iPad, or Android. This information can be used to help a person improve indoor wellness, or to adapt their outdoor activities (based on the air quality).

Netatmo also won a CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award in the Home Appliance category. This award is for their Thermostat for smartphone. It has been recently launched and is currently available only in Europe.

The Netatmo Thermostat enables a person to control the heating in his or her home remotely through a smartphone, tablet, or PC. The purpose is more than just convenience. You can use it to manage energy savings more efficiently and save on your heating bill.

The 2014 International CES will take place on January 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Netatmo’s Thermostat will be displayed at CES Unveiled: The Official Media Event from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. On Sunday, January 5, 2014. It will take place in the South Seas Ballroom C at Mandalay Bay. You can also check out Netatmo at CES 2014 at their stand in the South Hall 26700.