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Play on Roku app for iPhone, Android updated

Roku introduced its mobile app for iPhone and Android a while back, allowing owners of the handy little set top boxes to stream pictures and music from their smartphone to the entertainment device. Customers can also use the app to browse and add channels and control their devices with a remote control feature.

Now the company has rolled out an update to its mobile apps that adds even more functionality. According to Roku’s Tom Markworth this update “adds music shuffle and repeat options for Play on Roku.” He went on to elaborate that “You can now create on-the-fly playlists of your favorite artists with the “All Songs” view on the artist screen. Additionally, we fixed several bugs related to music and photo playback on Play on Roku in both versions of the app.”

If you have either a Roku 2, Roku LT or theRoku HD player then uou can get the iOS version here and the Android version here. The new app is version 2.1. If you already had it installed then you should get the update automatically.

Shazam, Now Works with TV Shows

ShazamShazam the music recognition app has been updated to also recognize TV shows . I was trying it out today and it still needs some work. It didn’t recognize many of the shows that I was watching. It either gave back no information or incorrect information. There were times when it took multiple tries before it came back with the correct information.

I wasn’t surprise when it didn’t recognize Bleach, my favorite anime show. However, I was surprised when it didn’t recognize a Rock documentary on Rush. Not surprisingly it recognized most network programing, however it had trouble recognizing the show Major Crimes which is a new series on TNT this afternoon. This evening though it did recognize it, so the database appears to be improving all the time.

Once the show is recognized  it will show the songs that are played on the show. You can play samples of the music. If you are a Spotify premium member you can play the whole song. You can also view the song on Youtube if it is available. You can also view the lyrics, get tour information and buy ringtones. You can also read the latest celebrity buzz, get the cast information, read the latest Tweets. If you are using it on an iOS device you can share to Facebook or Twitter. If you are on Android you can share thru any app that you have, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

IntoNow, a Yahoo product recognized more shows than Shazam, however once a show was recognized, Shazam had more options available. Get Glue the other media sharing app, is just that a way to share what you are watching. It doesn’t have the information that is available through either Shazam or IntoNow. Shazam needs to improve its recognition of non network shows. However it is on the right path and I do recommend downloading it if you like to share what you are watching to your favorite social network.

Dyyno Video Content Management

Dyyno is one of the new wave of companies that are working with modern video content providers to help help them best monetize their online shows.  Today’s market of video podcasts and IPTV is growing quickly and and makers can have a tough time figuring out how best to distribute, and get paid, for everything they are producing.

Dyyno recently unveiled their support for a whole different round of devices outside of just PC and Mac.  They are now bringing their technology to smart TV’s, iPad’s, and Android devices.  Their list of worldwide content partners is growing quickly and now includes such names as:

Flix Universe
Many more

If you are currently producing video content, or looking to get into this market, then check out the video below to see how this software can help you out, and also visit Dyyno for more info.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net.

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Nero Kwik Media Media Manager

Todd and Don talk to Martin Stein Senior Vice President of Global Products at Nero about Nero Kwik Media at the TPN booth at CES. Nero Kwik Media is a program that will sync all your media (pictures, videos, audio and music) across all the devices in your home.

Kwik Media Features (from the website):

  • Move all the files your heart desires to and from your PC and mobile devices
  • Play back Blu-ray movies
  • View HD video projects on DVD and watch Hollywood Blu-ray movies on your laptop
  • Burn Audio CDs from MP3s
  • With just a few clicks, you can create a CD mix from your favorite playlists
  • Play back your favorite jams from your laptop and rip Audio CDs to add to your computer
  • Find and organize friends by faces
  • Easily organize photos of friends and family by faces
  • Browse and organize photos, music and videos in one place
  • Conveniently create projects to burn and share straight from your library
  • Make quick and easy edits of photos before sharing or adding to slideshows
  • Share videos on Youtube or myNero
  • Upload your photos, music and videos to social media websites with just a few clicks
  • Edit slideshows with effects
  • Add exciting, animated background themes to slideshows
  • Sync your music playlists as well as photo and video album contents from your PC to any mobile device with USB mass storage

For more information or to get your copy of Nero Kwik Media, go the website kwikmedia.nero.com

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IntoNow LogoThis past week Yahoo purchase IntoNow. What is IntoNow. IntoNow is a way to share what you are watching on TV with other people. It was launched in January 2011 into a ever growing field including Glue and Miso. The way intoNow works is you hold up your iphone, iPod Touch or iPad and hit a button on the IntoNow application and within a couple of seconds the applications picks up what you are watching on TV. It also determines whether the show is currently on or if it is a recorded show. IntoNow has a database of over 5 years of American TV content or 2.6 airings. It uses this data base plus the SoundPrint technology, The SoundPrint technology reads the audio from TV shows like a fingerprint and identifies the program within a couple of second. This is what makes intoNow different from its competitors you don’t have to enter what you are watching, the system picks it up automatically. Once what you are watching is determine you can then share it on Twitter or Facebook. You can also start and participate in discussions and recommend shows. It is clear by the Yahoo press release that they plan to use the information for target advertising. “IntoNow has built a platform and companion TV application based on real-time indexing of television that deepens the connections between audiences, television content and advertisers.”

I did see a couple of problems with IntoNow, First because the number of users are fairly small I only found one show that had any kind of discussion at all and even that only involved two people making unconnected comments. Second it is limited to US TV shows only, so if you want to share a movie you are watching on Netflix or maybe Amazon On Demand then you will have to use some other application. In addition if you are outside the U.S. or watch non U.S.-based shows you are out of luck. intoNow does not work well in a noise environment and let’s face it, if you are watching TV with some friends a quiet environment is not happening. Plus history tells me that in the end the purchase of IntoNow by Yahoo has a good chance to turn out bad for IntoNow the product. Although the creators will have done quite fine, money wise. If you ask me which of these TV check-in products I like best I would say Glue which has a large and active community. Glue also allows you to share more media types, including movies, music, and web videos. I not sure I will use IntoNow, it will depend on if the community that uses grows and becomes more active.

GNC #665 Tech Takes Over Store!

I hope you have been pleased with the format tweak, while all may not be 100% apparent I have made some major process changes here over the past 2-3 shows that I am going to work very to keep in check. One thing should be obvious slightly shorter show.. 1 hour and 10 minutes +/- 4 minutes is the goal.. Keeps you listening longer and keeps the cream of the crop content in the heart of the show.. Going long is something that grew into a monster that I hope to keep tame..

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Crackle Available for Mobile Devices

I downloaded Crackle on the iPad and let’s say I am rather disappointed. I might not be so disappointed if it wasn’t over marketed. First the number of movies are limited. Out of that limited number most are either clips or highlights. Those movies that are full length are at least 30 to 40 years old. The same is true for what TV series are available. A lot are partial episodes or highlights and all the shows that I saw were at least 10 years old. The big come on is that you can watch free Seinfeld episodes, which is true however what they don’t tell you is there are only 10 episodes, which is less then a full season. Those 10 episodes are probably some of the newer TV episodes available.

There are filters including genre like action/adventure, comedy and you can also filter to show full episodes or full length movies. You can also filter for clips or movie trailers, unfortunately this filter is pretty much useless since even full length movies or TV episodes also offer clips or trailers. The other problem I have with the filtering system is it is not sticky, so you have to remember to do the filtering each time.

Since the application is free I understand the need for commercials, but it’s the same one over and over again. Also why after every commercial is the end of the previous scene repeated, I know that we all have short memory spans but 30 seconds really. The ad situation should improve over time. In the Privacy notification, they do say they are collecting your date of birth, name, email address, and gender and anything else you provide. They use this information to customize advertising, send out service notifications and to conduct research. Crackle also state that any information that you provide in the service profile “including, without limitation, your user name, age, gender, favorite links, where you live, and other personal details you choose to share. maybe shared with all users of the service. The one that bothers me the most on this list is where you live, because it is unclear if they means what country or state you are in or some thing more. I did go back and look at the sign up and the only ones you have to fill out are user name, date of birth and gender, everything else is optional. Unfortunately I suspect a lot of people will fill in everything automatically.

Crackle does have some good points, first it is free and it does have some classic series like Barney Miller NewsRadio and Benson There are quite a few anime series available also. There are also some good movies including Easy Rider and Fail Safe.  Is it worth downloading, well it is free, so yes, but don’t expect too much. Hopefully, they can get more content over time, but that will be up to the content owners so I am not holding my breath.