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Wicked Metal Jacket Gives Your iPhone a Roll Cage

Jeffrey talks to Warren Roth, President of MSW Wireless about Wicked Metal Jackets, precision-machined aluminium iPhone and iPod Touch cases made in California, USA. It’s a full wraparound case that is screwed together (screwdriver included) in a range of different designs, including some for the ladies.  They’d also go great with leather and a Harley.

Available now for $49 and up.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast.

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iRig Mic for the iPhone

Would-be Pop Idol and X-Factor competitors rejoice. IK Multimedia has announced the first handheld condenser microphone for iOS devices, the iRig Mic.

Working with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the iRig is perfect for the singer or songwriter on the move but can also be used to record speeches, performances or any other audio source.

The iRig Mic features a highly unidirectional electret-condenser microphone capsule that provides quality recording, in both close mic and long distance mic conditions, and real-time monitoring with its dual mini-jack connector. A three-level gain switch makes it instantly adjustable for any sound pressure condition — from soft speaking to loud playing. Its classic form is perfect for handheld performance, plus it can be mounted on any standard mic stand. A rugged metal body means it will stand-up to life on the road.

iRig Mic also comes with set of apps which can be downloaded from the AppStore.
– VocaLive free, IK’s new real-time effects processor app suite for the singer and vocalist.
– iRig Recorder, the new IK free audio recording app.
– AmpliTube Free, the best selling app for guitar players and songwriters.
iRig Mic also works with a multitude of other vocal and audio recording or processing apps for the iOS platform.

No price given.

Star Wars Augmented Reality

I’m sure that this will be all over the Interweb very shortly, if it isn’t already.  Absolutely fantastic and really shows off the possibilities of augmented reality.

Apparently it’s test footage from an upcoming game called Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner.  I’d almost buy an iPod Touch just for this.

Update: I’ve been thinking about this overnight and actually, while it’s still amazingly cool, it’s not really that good a demonstration of augmented reality.  The Manhattan skyline is only the background to the action and doesn’t appear to take part in the game itself.  What would be very clever would be if the TIE fights could fly behind the buildings, but I don’t think that they do, unless someone has better eyesight than me.

iPod Touch – Upgrade Motivation Gone

ipodtouch-090909-2I was eagerly awaiting Apple’s recent fall “Rock and Roll” music event.  My excitement centered on one product, the iPod touch.  I own a first generation iPod touch and have loved it.  The applications are enjoyable and productive.  The iPod and Media functionality is outstanding.  The internet browsing experience great for a small screened computer.  When the second generation was released with an internal speaker and mic capabilities I briefly debated the upgrade.  Was the speed bump and those features worth it?  It would allow me to use Skype. . . hmm.  Still not enough.

The iPhone 3GS was released in June.  The iPhone included an amped up camera, vastly improved speed, GPS, and firmware 3.0 features made me sigh in jealousy.  Unfortunately my carrier doesn’t use the iPhone and/or subsidize it so that I can afford it where I was going to live.  And so I began looking forward to the 3rd generation Touch.  If the 3rd gen product had the new processor, highly rated camera, and improved voice recording then that would force the upgrade.  I could blog, podcast, take pictures, capture video, and then upload all from the device.  That would be worth putting it into my pocket.  Who knew?  Maybe Apple was going to throw in GPS and that would be delicious frosting.  With those features I would pay a price increase.

And yet, Apple released a Nano with the camera but the Touch without the camera.  What?  Are you kidding me?  Speculation in days prior hinted that hardware problems would keep the camera out of the Touch.  It works fine in the iPhone.  Or then maybe it doesn’t and this is Apple’s way of covering themselves.  Or maybe they left the features out so that they could drop the price and undercut Microsoft’s new Zune handheld (Update: Since original draft this has been verified in an interview with Steve Jobs).  Whatever the reason, they will sell millions of iPod Touch units, but will see few upgrades from previous generation users.  Give me the iPhone without the phone, nothing less.  This new one just didn’t come close to delivering the upgrade motivation for me.  Sad day.  I wanted to give them my money.  No doubt someone will.

My iPod Touch Wish List

itouch-imgI was one of the first to get a Zune when it was announced. I also was one of the first to get an iPod Touch. Being first is great but like most “version 1.0” products, you’re left wanting more.

There are rumors that Apple will refresh it’s its iPod line next week and I’m hoping that includes the iPod Touch. I’ve enjoyed my first generation Touch but I wish it did more. In fact I wish it was just like the third generation iPhone, without the phone (and the monthly bill).

Apple, if you’re listening, here is my wish list for a new and improved iPod Touch:
1. Camera. There are rumors this will be included and it would be a killer product if it had the iPhone camera that could do stills and video.

2. GPS and Compass. I realize that the iPhone uses GPS and google maps to show you where you are and you need an internet connection to update the maps, but there are a few turn-by-turn GPS programs that store the maps in the iPhone and don’t rely on a Internet connection. This would be perfect for the Touch. Also, wifi is showing up almost everywhere so I think it still makes sense.

3. Built-in mic and speaker. Yes, I know the 2nd generation Touch has a speaker but I want to make sure it stays in for the 3rd gen (my 1st gen Touch doesn’t have it). A built-in mic means you could use the Touch as a recording device (for voice memos and video), as well as for services like Skype.

4. Music subscription service. I know this isn’t specific to the iPod Touch, but since you are rumored to be coming out with big announcements, why not shock everyone and offer a monthly fee for a service that gives you unlimited (DRM-encoded) music (similar to what Microsoft offers for the Zune). That would really take the thunder out of the pending Microsoft Zune HD release.

5. Approve Google Voice application to run on the iPhone/Touch. Oh sorry, this is for a different blog post.

So, 09/09/2009, is the big day and I can’t wait to see what Apple announces. What is on your wish list for Apple announcements?

73’s, Tom

No Kindle Required — iPhone App Review

iphone-kindleI’ve had my first generation Kindle for a year and a half and I drooled when the second generation Kindle came out. I drooled again when the Kindle DX was announced earlier this year.

I tried using my Kindle to replace my daily newspaper but found the experience wasn’t up to the task. I got use to reading my news online but the serial viewing on the Kindle left me feeling that I was missing something. I do use my Kindle for reading books and have purchased a few reference books that allow me to use the Kindle’s search feature. Typically Kindle books are cheaper than their print cousins and most cost $9.99, but I didn’t think I used it enough to justify another $350 gadget when what I had, served my purpose.

When Apple announced the new iPhone 3GS and 3.0 firmware, I heard about the Kindle application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I downloaded this free app and was impressed. It now feels like I have a new Kindle — on a device I already own.

When I installed the application on my iPod Touch and entered my Amazon account information, it showed me that I had a number of Archived Items. These were books that I had purchased and downloaded on my Kindle. I could then download a copy for reading on my iPod Touch. The cool thing was it opened up to the last page that I was reading on the Kindle. It turns out that this goes both ways. If I’m reading a book on the Touch and switch to my Kindle, it opens up to last page read on the Touch.

So how was the reading experience on the iPod Touch? Even though the screen is much smaller, I thought it was a great experience. The pages show up in portrait or landscape (depending on how you’re holding the device) and the menu and controls disappear after a few seconds. You navigate the pages by touching (or swiping) the screen. Touching the right side of the screen moves you forward and touching the left side moves you back. Page turns are very fast (faster than on the Kindle) and you access the menu by touching the center of the screen.  Bringing up the menu gives you access to changing the text size and color, setting/accessing bookmarks, and going back to the Home screen.  The Home screen allows you to select a new book, download one of your archived books, or search the Kindle store for another book.

One nice surprise came when I downloaded a photography book I had been reading on the Kindle. To save power the Kindle screen only shows shades of gray and the photography book was mainly text with a few photos thrown in. These photos showed up in color on my iPod Touch.

One of the best things (and a smart move by Amazon) is you don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books on your iPhone/Touch. You can download the program for free from the iTunes Store and set up an Amazon account (if you ever ordered anything on Amazon.com, you already have an account). You can then download and review the first chapter of books from the Kindle store and purchase books right from the device.

I can’t say that having access to my Kindle books on my iPod Touch is going to keep me from getting a new Kindle someday because I’m find myself using my Kindle more these days. It’s a nice feeling knowing I can have my books with me even when I leave my Kindle at home. Like I said before, a very smart move Amazon!

73’s, Tom

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