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PayPal and eBay will Separate in 2015

PayPal and eBay logosIt is true – eBay and PayPal are going to separate from each other. This was announced by eBay in a post on their blog that was titled: “Ebay Inc. to separate eBay and PayPal into independent publicly traded companies in 2015.” PayPal posted the same thing on their blog The “new” eBay and the “new” PayPal are each getting their own new CEOs.

Why is this being done? According to both eBay and PayPal, it is because they believe that each entity will “benefit more and create greater value from the strategic focus, speed, flexibility and agility that come with being independent publicly traded companies.” The blog posts also say that eBay “expects to complete the transaction as a tax-free spin-off in the second half of 2015”.

The CEO of the “new” eBay company will be Devin Wenig, who is currently president of eBay Marketplaces. Dan Schulman has been named as President of PayPal, effective immediately, and as CEO-designee of the standalone “new” PayPal company after the separation.

Still collecting those old games? Here is a “deal”

Nostalgia is big business these days and perhaps there is no bigger tech nostalgia field than old games and gaming systems. If you were smarter than me and didn’t give away your original Atari and all of the games then you may be able make some money off of these devices. There is no better example than a current Ebay auction.

The auction consists of what the seller calls a “Complete US Super Nintendo (SNES) collection with all boxes and most manuals”. The sale claims that the collection consists of “all 721 games sold at retail in the United States, Canada and Mexico”. The games are mostly in good condition and man even contain the original manuals, inserts and boxes.

Now for the tough part, the price. The auction is set for a “Buy it now” price of a mere $24,999. An entire list of every single game included and even what each contains and the conditions can be found on the auction site. Do you have your wallet out yet?

People Search For Facebook?

Experian Hitwise LogoBusiness intelligence company Experian Hitwise recently released the top 10 searched for brands in the UK. Top of the pile came internet giants Facebook, YouTube and eBay with four British brands showing; catalogue store Argos, fashion shop Next, news and media organisation the BBC and tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail.

Here’s the full top 10.

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. eBay
  4. Amazon
  5. Argos
  6. BBC
  7. Google
  8. Hotmail
  9. Daily Mail
  10. Next

According to Hitwise, around 2% of all searches in the UK were for “facebook”, and variants such as “facebook login” and “fb” made three of the top 10 searches overall.

While it’s not 100% clear from the press release how the data was gathered and what search engines were involved, the research suggests that lots of people use search engines in preference to the address bar, even when the web page is simply the brand plus .com or .co.uk. You can begin to see why there is so much money to be made from advertising in search: every time one of these people goes to a web site, they’re using Google, Bing or Yahoo to get there.

Frankly, the one that really amazes me is “google” at #7. People are using search to find a search engine? This doesn’t make sense and my only thought is that large numbers of people don’t know that it’s possible to reset their default search engine (or home page). Consequently, they’re using Bing to find Google instead of changing the settings in their web browser. Amazing. If anyone has any alternative thoughts, let me know in the comments.

Ebay Acquires Hunch Recommendation Engine


Auction site eBay announced it has acquired  Hunch, for an undisclosed price. Founders Chris Dixon, Tom Pinckney and Matt Gattis, will stay on at eBay and remain based in New York

Hunch is an online recommendation platform launched in 2009. It uses web data to create “Hunches” and map them so it can start to predict the products, services, websites, or just about anything. The program can then focus your searches to popular items, or items tailored on your history.

“We are engaging consumers in innovative ways and attracting top technologists to shape the future of commerce,” said Mark Carges, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Global Products, Marketplaces. “With Hunch, we’re adding new capabilities to personalizing the shopping experience on eBay to the individual relevant tastes and interests of our customers. We expect Hunch’s technologies to benefit eBay shoppers as they browse and buy, and to bring sellers on eBay new ways to connect the right products with the right customers.”

The staff at Hunch believe this will be a great integration to eBay. They will be able to integrate into search, advertising and more. For instance, Hunch has a Netflix engine, in which you sign in to your Netflix site, then it will search for movies you might want to watch.

Hunch Netflix Engine
Hunch Netflix Engine


GNC-2011-01-27 #643 Really Back in the Swing!

I need a clone, but who doesn’t! I have a mother load of content that I cover at a very serious pace. Your Geek is back in the swing of things, and feeling much better with the voice box on the mend. We are accepting underwriters to the show, listen for details this is significantly discounted rate over standard ad rates for the show. We have an Ohana member that is in need of new employment I give some details in the show tonight on that as well.

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GNC-2010-07-06 #590 We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Katie she is our Lenovo A63 system winner. Big thank you to everyone that participated, this was our biggest response to a contest to date.  Some interesting feedback from the last show and my comments to those comments.  Big thank you to the Ohana for all that you do. I did not get the insider out this weekend but it is on my growing list for this week.  It will be a good one as I have a topic planned that will give you some insight into what I do day, to day to make the show better. Looking for volunteers for CES 2011!

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Thousands of iPhone 3gs For Sale

If you want to pick up an extra iPhone 3gs for the kids, my suggestion is wait a couple of weeks, they are selling for a premium at the moment on eBay. Average selling price is well over $250.00 but in a few weeks demand is going to slow down and I am expecting you will be able to pick one up real cheap. This is a great way to get a nice phone for the kids or someone that is not sure if they want a smart phone.

At the price they are selling for now, it is better to wait because 1.5 million people of whom about a million of them will now have a iPhone 3gs laying around that they may want to sell. Thus I think the price will drop. With a new iPhone with iOS 4 selling for $299.00 with a 2 year contract the current selling price of a used 3gs at $250.00 is a little high.

If you have one you want to sell at a decent price you can hook a geek up. I am looking for 2 of them.. Email me with your offer! If they are jail broke even the better!

GNC-2010-04-20 #568 Murphy’s Law Strikes

My Faithful audio recording machine refused to record tonight, but we had the backup recording machine and everything went as planned. Congrats to Jeff that won the Ring Central contest and will get a years free worth of service. On Friday’s show we will give away the Roku to a lucky listener plus we will pick the iPhone application developer winner as well. Great show tonight with lots of great content.

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GNC-2010-04-02 #564 Announcing some new Initiatives

Inspiration comes from strange places folks. Announcing some updates to the salary replacement plan, which in part will be pretty exciting if I can get my accountant and lawyer to sign off on. Additionally I am introducing the Geek News Central Insider to all contributors of the show, more on that in the show. Plus some promotional plans to help continue to build the show following and initiatives to all listeners. We have a request for a Android application as well so info on that. If everything goes as planned will have a big announcement on the next show.

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The eBay Problem

When eBay was fresh and shiny and new, I spent a lot of time there. I bought things that I needed, sold things that I didn’t need, and had good experiences. It was like going garage saling without having to get in the car, with a few perks like the ability to search for something I wanted, and to compare prices on comparable items. When I got married ten years ago, I paid for my wedding dress with proceeds from eBay sales of things I didn’t need anymore. eBay was the first place I looked when I was looking for a specific item.

Ah, those were the days. Now, when I head over to eBay, it’s mostly “power sellers” that are really just big warehouses of closeouts, lots of over-priced Chinese knock-offs, and plenty of businesses in the business of buying crap at flea markets and reselling it on eBay. It’s not the first place I go to anymore when I’m looking for something. Searches I’ve done recently for simple items like netbook cases or sewing patterns have brought up mixed results at best. One of the things I dislike about the eBay search model is that it doesn’t allow you to search within your search results to narrow down your choices. And what I really dislike is how overpriced things seem to be. In my search for a netbook for my daughter for Christmas, I of course took a look over there, but found that the prices were higher than purchasing the same item through a more traditional online retailer (I ended up with an HP Mini 10.1 from OfficeMax for an unbelievable price, for those that are interested). I haven’t seen a reasonably priced computer on eBay in years.

I don’t doubt that eBay still has its value. If I’m looking for a particular thing, like extra-long jeans of a certain brand, or a collectible teapot, eBay is still a great resource. But that is so specialized, and I don’t believe that that is where eBay is making its money in sales fees. A $400 netbook when I can get the same one for $250 delivered from a big-name retailer is not a bargain, and dilutes the value of the eBay brand, in my opinion. Yes, everyone wants to make a dollar or two, I understand that, of course, but when making a dollar borders on gouging, I have to wonder about the business practices of the organization running the show.

What does eBay want to be? Is it ready to devolve into a place full of out-dated closeouts and overpriced Chinese knock-offs? Because that appears to be where it’s headed. And how do they fix what is broken to clean up their act (or the act of their sellers)? I wouldn’t know where to start, but if they want to be Amazon (their main competitor at the moment) then they need to find a way to fix what is going downhill in a hurry.

Ah, eBay. I knew you when…