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DTS Gave Demo of DTS-HD Layered Audio on Mobile Device

DTS Headphone X logoDTS is a premier audio solutions provider for high-definition entertainment experiences. They brought an exciting lineup of audio streaming innovations to NAB 2014. Many solutions were presented at NAB, including a first time ever showcase demo of DTS-HD Layered Audio on a mobile device.

The DTS-HD Layered Audio enables online services like Netflix, Watch ESPN and HBO Go to efficiently stream audio at various bit-rates from a single encode. This enables it to provide a better viewing experience.

The DTS Headphone: X allows mobile devices to turn any ordinary pair of headphones into an impressive personal surround sound system. One demo showed the DTX-HD Headphone: X streaming content via Microsoft Smooth Streaming from Windows Azure to castLabs media player on Android. Another demo showed the DTS-HD Headphone: X streaming content via HLS from Windows Azure to NexStreaming’s NexPlayer on an iOS device.

DTS-HD Headphone: X can also stream content via MPEG-DASH from Akamai CDN to castLabs media player on an Android device featuring DTS-HD Layered Audio seamless adaptive bit-rate scaling from a single encode. It’s very versatile!