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The service introduced by Skype today could very well shift the dynamics of podcasting a little. I am going to run a test later today, and see how well it works with a group of people, You are limited to having a live session with 100 people but this will be perfect for a lot of events, group discussion, and meetings that happen on the net.

The only limit I see at this moment is not being able to make the skypecast private, thus having a private online meeting using this service is not possible yet. But you could use it to broadcast your podcast live. []

Skype Conference Call Limit Hacked!

I discussed last week how one of my Team members at RawVoice has Skype running on a computer with a AMD processor, and was pissed that he could not do a conference call with more than 5 people. Skype imposed conference call limit to those running AMD processors, well this limit has been hacked. Up to today only those with certain Intel chips in their desktops could do conference calls of more than 5 people.

A hacker who has been giving Apple some grief is now giving the Skype folks some grief, and has a patch available to unlock that AMD limitation. In all likelyhood the patch is illegal but I have already received a large number of e-mail from people telling me they have installed it. [] []

AMD Serves Skype a Subpoena

This scenario seems to happen way to often, I was talking with Angelo the CIO at RawVoice yesterday and he says hey why don’t we do a Skype conference call tonight with the six of us instead of dialing in to Free Conference Call and I said great idea, this was after the new version of Skype reported to be able to support up to 9 people in a conference call.

So at the appointed time we try to make it happen and 3 of the group could not get it to work, turns out you can only do 9 way calling if all of the participants are running Intel Inside. This blew me away and kinda made me say what the heck is that all about.

So today I check the news and sure enough AMD wants that question answered as well. More of the details at []

Unlimited domestic calls $2.99

Sound like an advertisement for some fly by night telephone company. Seems it’s not just some company but Yahoo trying to kick Skype’s teeth in. The drawback is you have to use Yahoo messenger. I’ll be honest I have not loaded Yahoo Messenger in about 3 years. I only use Trillian and I’ll be honest I have used Google Talk and other chat applications and Skype so far has just simply worked and that goes a long way in my books, look forward to seeing how it performs. []

Skype Video do we really care about Video calls?

While I really love Skype and use it daily, I am not so sure I am that big of a fan of video calls. Do we really need to see the person on the other end. Most of the people that we would use the Skype video feature with live in a part of the US that has no broadband. I am not so sure it is that big of a deal. One thing I will be watching out for is how much of a performance hog it becomes. [Skype]

2.6 Billion eBay pays for Skype

That’s just a shocking amount of money. I am sure eBay knows what their doing. One thing for sure it will be real easy to pay your Skype bill with Paypal seeing eBay own Paypal. I must admit though I use Skype for about 50% of my calls now. The thing is these are all Skype to Skype calls which are free. I have had 8.93 Euros of Skype Out credits for months. I simply do not use Skype Out. Time will tell if it is a good investment. []