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My New Podcasting Headset

I recently celebrated a birthday and received some new podcasting gear as a gift. What better place to geek-out over the new gear than here? I’m very excited about it!

Before I get too far into this, I should back up a bit. I started podcasting with my husband in 2005. In 2007, I decided that it was time for me to try my hand at producing a podcast by myself (in addition to the podcast that my husband and I did together). To make a long story short, the new podcast was being done for a collaborative project. I had no idea, at the time, if I would like solo podcasting enough to continue my show after the project ended.

So, in 2007, we purchased a Logitech USB headset from the local office supply store. I’ve been using it for podcasting ever since. It was inexpensive, and wasn’t fancy, but it worked for what I needed at the time. Now, in 2012, it is clear that this headset is done. It has started to make the infamous creaking sound that signals that the microphone connection to the headset is on it’s way out.

My brand new podcasting gear is a beyerdynamic MMX 2 headset. It is designed to be used for podcasting as well as gaming. Today, some of my podcasting involves gaming, so this is perfect for me. The microphone arm on this headset is flexible and bendable which will allow me to have more control over the quality of my sound. The way this microphone is attached to the headset will diminish the potential for that creaky sound to occur.

The other cool thing about the beyerdynamic MMX 2 headset is that it comes with standard audio mini plugs for direct connection to standard audio ports. It also comes with a USB adapter. This means I can use my new headset to record a solo podcast, to record a “game night”, and to record a podcast with my husband through our mixer. My old headset only could be plugged into a USB port.

LiveShell Lets You Broadcast Without a PC

LiveShell is a device made by Cerevo. You can connect it to your video camera and stream directly from it. LiveShell lets you broadcast without having to use your PC the true beauty is that you can take this device and connect to a mifi or other wireless device and stream live anyplace / anytime. It is extremely stable and can be used to broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If it is streaming and the internet connection temporarily disconnects LiveShell will do an automatic recovery.

Compared to everything else out there it is very inexpensive it costs $299. You can purchase it from the Official Cerevo store at, or from, eBay, Contour Store,, Quantum-Wireless or SmartHome. LiveShell is a reliable Ustream certified product. It is the first product that Ustream has given this certification to. LiveShell is fully compatible with Ustream, and it also supports NicoLive, LiveStream and other RTMP services.

Todd will have one in a few days and will bringing you a full review which I am highly anticipating.

Personally, I can see where LiveShell would be great for people who are new to podcasting and who want to start streaming their show remote. The LiveShell can be attached directly to your camera and you are ready to go. Simple! The device is small, which makes it convenient to carry around, and then quickly attach to your camera when you are ready to start streaming. It will also give podcasters, (both new and those with experience), a lot more freedom about the locations that they can be at and stream a show from.

LiveShell Features and Specifications:

Weight: 108 grams

Size: (D) 120 mm x (W) 68 mm x (H) 26 mm

Power Supply: 3 x AA batteries
Sanyo Electric’s eneloop or eneloop pro are recommended

Operating Time: More than 3 hours of battery life. Can have 24 x 7 continuous operation with the AC adapter (and while using Sanyo Electric eneloop pro batteries).

Network connection function: 10 / 100 BASE-T wired LAN and 802.11 b, g, n compatible wireless LAN

Broadcasting video resolution: 4 CIF (704 * 528 pixels) Max. aprox. 1.5 Mbps

Video input terminal: HDMI composite (NTSC/ PAL) Supported VGA, 480p, 576p. Not compatible with HDCP

Audio input terminal: HDMI/ Stereo microphone in / Line in
Volume can be adjusted for each item independently. Broadcasting is done after mixing internally

Accessories: AC adapter, mount shoe, AV-IN cable, WiFi adapter, HDMI cable with 60cm right angle (HDMI to HDMI-mini) and set-up cable

TPN Round Table #3 Roll your Own Site | Demo on Yahoo Pipes

In this Round Table Jeffrey from talks about using Yahoo Pipes. Todd Cochrane of talks about controlling your own media / website so that when the host or company you have your media site with changes business models you are not left with a site that is dead in the water.

Some RSS Tips

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Is Your Show Being Held Hostage at Mevio?

Some Podcasters who have had their podcasting accounts shut down, deactivated etc, at Mevio. Rumor is they want all their podcasters to sign some form of a producer contract so that they can run more advertising on their shows. Here is some serious advice from a guy that has been involved in podcasting since the very beginning, and advice I have been advocating for a very long time.

  1. Have your own .com as your Primary Point of Presence for your Show.
  2. Always control your RSS feed, never let a third party manage or control it.
  3. Host your media at a professional podcast hosting company not on the website.
  4. Never have your shows “Primary Point of Presence” be on a Third Party Site
  5. Never Sign Exclusive Contracts!
  6. List your sites only on third party sites as a secondary point of presence

The main advice here is to think ahead a couple of years. Think about the damage that would occur if you build a big audience and your free hosting provider pulls the plug on you. Hopefully the podcasters over at Mevio have already planned for this day and have a way to keep there shows up and running without getting locked out.

Disclaimer: I am the CEO of RawVoice a new media and podcasting company. We really have not considered Mevio a competitor in years as there focus changed long ago. We provide media hosting along with being the gold standard in media statistics to content creators! Our business model is largely based around podcast media campaigns, commercial media portals and serving over 10,000 media creators. Shuts Down!

Sadly another Podcast hosting company that was attempting to do Podcast Hosting on the cheap, has figured out that losing money is not a winning solution. Like another podcast company that continue to announce massive losses each quarter, the model of giving away hosting or charging a paltry fee is not a way to run a business. is giving content creators just three days to move their media. This is the second time a podcasting company has done this, in and around the holidays and also with very little advanced notice.

Even more distressing for the media creators is that the site is currently offline and it looks like the domain may be under the ownership of a domain re-seller. Which does not bode well for the content creators at

Content creators that have been shut out, I encourage you to look at the hosting services provided by and the bevy of other new media creator services we provide.

Samsung Smart TV and TPN: It’s what’s on the TV tonight!

RawVoice, the pioneer in digital media production, hosting and dissemination, is proud to announce the addition of their Samsung Smart TV application for TVs and Blu-ray Players. The TechPodcast Network (TPN) App allows content creators to reach connected audiences that will watch and listen to the networks shows in their offices, dens, living rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else they watch television.

“We are excited to be on Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray platform, and have taken care to make our app experience consistent across all media platforms, allowing consumers to easily switch from device to device to access our networks shows,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice. “The Samsung App is just another extension to our arsenal of media distribution channels.”

Audiences can manage their playlists through the apps MyCast service, whether they have a TPN user account or not. Subscribing to a show is as easy as pressing the subscribe button.

The TPN Community App lets you:

  • Navigate the menu system with ease using our MyCast feature to find new content while using TV remote control or while alternately managing your playlist in front of a computer.
  • Check out “Editors Picks” for a new selection of great shows each week on the tech topics you care about, ranging from tech news, gaming, platform news, etc.
  • Find high quality child-safe shows. All shows featured on the Samsung App have qualified their shows through their account manager at

With the Samsung Smart TV Channel, TPN provides our members the ability to access new markets that reach a worldwide audience of all demographics. RawVoice advertisers now have another channel to reach the exclusive audiences that watch the networks’ content.

Media companies looking to launch their own Samsung Smart TV app should contact RawVoice to develop and deploy their branded Internet-connected TV channel. RawVoice has deployed channel apps on a variety of devices including Roku, Boxee, Google TV, etc.

Tech Podcast Network is a community supported website dedicated to the promotion of technology by using the Internet. These initiatives include streaming, podcasting, and new technology delivery mechanisms. The content producers actively support the broader technology community with a wide variety of content related to technology subjects.

TPN is part of the RawVoice digital media community that also includes Blubrry, Pro Med and TravelCast networks. The RawVoice digital media community has led the way in fulfilling digital media distribution needs since 2004, enabling content creators to publish audio and video or blog content channels and manage users. To find out more call 1.877.729.8642.

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