LiveShell Lets You Broadcast Without a PC

LiveShell is a device made by Cerevo. You can connect it to your video camera and stream directly from it. LiveShell lets you broadcast without having to use your PC the true beauty is that you can take this device and connect to a mifi or other wireless device and stream live anyplace / anytime. It is extremely stable and can be used to broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If it is streaming and the internet connection temporarily disconnects LiveShell will do an automatic recovery.

Compared to everything else out there it is very inexpensive it costs $299. You can purchase it from the Official Cerevo store at, or from, eBay, Contour Store,, Quantum-Wireless or SmartHome. LiveShell is a reliable Ustream certified product. It is the first product that Ustream has given this certification to. LiveShell is fully compatible with Ustream, and it also supports NicoLive, LiveStream and other RTMP services.

Todd will have one in a few days and will bringing you a full review which I am highly anticipating.

Personally, I can see where LiveShell would be great for people who are new to podcasting and who want to start streaming their show remote. The LiveShell can be attached directly to your camera and you are ready to go. Simple! The device is small, which makes it convenient to carry around, and then quickly attach to your camera when you are ready to start streaming. It will also give podcasters, (both new and those with experience), a lot more freedom about the locations that they can be at and stream a show from.

LiveShell Features and Specifications:

Weight: 108 grams

Size: (D) 120 mm x (W) 68 mm x (H) 26 mm

Power Supply: 3 x AA batteries
Sanyo Electric’s eneloop or eneloop pro are recommended

Operating Time: More than 3 hours of battery life. Can have 24 x 7 continuous operation with the AC adapter (and while using Sanyo Electric eneloop pro batteries).

Network connection function: 10 / 100 BASE-T wired LAN and 802.11 b, g, n compatible wireless LAN

Broadcasting video resolution: 4 CIF (704 * 528 pixels) Max. aprox. 1.5 Mbps

Video input terminal: HDMI composite (NTSC/ PAL) Supported VGA, 480p, 576p. Not compatible with HDCP

Audio input terminal: HDMI/ Stereo microphone in / Line in
Volume can be adjusted for each item independently. Broadcasting is done after mixing internally

Accessories: AC adapter, mount shoe, AV-IN cable, WiFi adapter, HDMI cable with 60cm right angle (HDMI to HDMI-mini) and set-up cable

2 thoughts on “LiveShell Lets You Broadcast Without a PC

  1. Looks great! I might just pick one of these up.

    I assume this will work with my Canon Vixia HF-G10 camera that has mini-HDMI out.

    However, what if you want to broadcast with screen overlays and lower thirds?

    Any idea of a device that will allow me to go from y Canon Vixia HF-G10 into my Mac so that software like Ustream Producer or CamTwist will see it as an available camera option?

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