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Bandwidth is going to be a Issue

Talking with the Marriott Hotel staff tonight they were bragging that they had a T1 installed and have never had a problem handling the bandwidth. I asked them if they have every had a hotel full of guest that were trying to upload files at the same time and that everyone that was coming would be publishing audio files to their servers.

The manager got a little pale and I told him your network will be lucky to survive and you better make some calls or your going to have some pissed off guest. They have no idea the avalanche of data consumption and pushed traffic that is about to demanded of that poor little T1.

So if their is a Podcast tomorrow it will by pure luck because I know that traffic is going to be a issue.

Podcast Connect Inc. fully committed to Podcast Expo

I knew many months ago that the Podcast Expo being held here in Ontario California this coming Friday and Saturday would be a major event. TNC Media has been fully supportive of the initiatives that I have put together at Podcast Connect in regards to the People Choice Podcast Awards. We will be handing out twenty awards on Friday night to all the deserving shows that were picked by the people. Our resources are not large but we have committed time and money to making sure we were their. Nothing in this world is free and when people expect a free ride it is a insult to those of us that have invested a great deal of time and money to the success of the event. I look forward to seeing you at the Podcast Awards Ceremony on Friday night.

Listening to a certain podcaster today, say that he should have been given a free ride makes me want to gag. [Wired]

On Location of the Podcast Expo

I am all in place in Ontario and it looks like Federal Express has everything here that was supposed to be. Met up with Doug Kaye from IT Conversations and Paul Figgiani from Podcast Rigs and chatted for a couple of hours. Doug says nearly 75 people are signed up for the all day training session tomorrow and I am very happy about that. Connectivity tomorrow will be limited but I should get updates out late in the day.

Ohh and here is a little tip start watching the Podcaster News Network site late Thursday night!