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Waxing Nostalgic

The year was 2005. The month was November. The setting was the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California. The event was the first podcast media expo. The phenomenon of podcasting, brought to life by Adam Curry and Dave Winer, was a bit over a year old. At least a couple of thousand podcasters as well as many podcast listeners showed up from around the world to meet each other face to face for the fist time.

Looking back in my own mind and the minds of many others who attended, it was as if there was a special magic that happened at Ontario. This first event brought a bunch of strangers together, yet it had the happy feel of a family reunion. Soon enough it would be over and time for us all to go our separate ways.

The Ontario Convention Center turned out to work especially well for in-person social networking for people who were heavily involved in this brand new form of social media. It was very easy to identify other attendees because of the convention badges. Most people were staying in the nearby hotels, particularly at the Marriot across the street from the Ontario Convention Center. People ended up milling back and forth between the convention center and the Marriot. Many people ended up meeting each other and striking up conversations at random as they accidentally met each other while walking around or just hanging out.

I was always up front about the reason I attended these podcast expos. I was there to meet people and hang out with podcaster friends. I did not sign up for or pay money to attend any of the expo’s sessions. I was there to socialize. I don’t believe I was the only podcaster who thought this way. From a social standpoint, the podcast expos held in Ontario were a tremendous success. Sadly, from an expo-promoting business standpoint, perhaps they weren’t so successful.

There would be a total of three of these expos held at the Ontario Convention Center before the gathering was moved to the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada starting in 2008. The 2008 expo ended up being sort of lost in the middle of a mega-building probably most well known for housing the annual (and gargantuan) Consumer Electronics Show every January.

With literally thousands of Las Vegas tourists, combined with other conventions going on at the same time, meeting and socializing with the reduced number of podcasters that did make the effort to show up in Las Vegas in 2008 and later in 2009 became difficult. Gone were the happy accidental meetings. Pretty much gone was the accidental social networking aspect that had happened every year at the convention center in Ontario.

Those three magical expos at the Ontario Convention Center will never be repeated. Many of those early podcasters have moved on to other interests, as well as many of the early podcast listeners that also made a point of showing up. The social aspect of podcasting has seemed to wane a bit as larger commercial and educational organizations expanded into the space.

Podcasting is alive and well in 2010, and is taking its place in this new and continually evolving world of Internet-distributed digital media production and distribution. There are more podcasts available for download than ever before. Priorities change, and people move on.

Those first three podcast expos at Ontario, California were exceptional social networking events where many exceptional friendships were formed.

Podcast and New Media Expo Wrap Up

First and foremost again this year I was overwhelmed by the number of listeners that stopped in and saw me at the RawVoice booth. Several of you brought me small gifts and I was completely blown away by that.

Thank you as you truly are a great part of the Geek News Central Ohana. I will be talking about the show on my show tomorrow and will have a special guest on the show as well.

The team at RawVoice did a great job at the Podcast and New Media Expo. The booth activities and business leads will keep us busy for several months, all the new friendships we made along with the friends we were able to catch up with was really terrific.

As I write this sitting in the Airport in California all I can really think about at this point is getting some extra sleep on the way home. More on PNME later.


I’m Speaking at Podcast and New Media Expo

PodcastExpo160x90I have been so busy I almost forgot to post that I would be speaking at the Podcast and New Media Expo this week. I will be on the Making Money with Sponsorships and Advertising to be held on Saturday Sept 29th at Ballroom C from 3:15 to 4:15 hope you will join me and the other panelist for the session. Podcast Expo

You can also meet my team from RawVoice at Booth 315 during the show hours and of course we will have our Expo Famous Hospitality room open Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night.

Podcast and Portable Media Expo thoughts!

Well I am still in Ontario but will be heading for home in the morning. I had some wrap up meetings today. But I did want to talk about my experience at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo of which RawVoice the company I am the CEO of had a booth along with some of the other events that took place.

Thursday the team arrived in waves and we finished the booth on time. We had a couple of business development meeting in the early evening then opened the hospitality room around 9pm and by midnight nearly 200 people had stopped by to say hello. The Micro Brewery beer was a big hit.

Friday morning the team met and we had a very good board meeting. When we got over to the Convention Center we got set up and waited for the rush. When they opened the convention floor to all of the expo participants we got slammed. We had 7 people manning the booth and all of us were busy for seven straight hours. I had to bug out at 3pm to get setup for the 2006 People’s Choice Podcast Award Ceremony. That event started at 5pm and by 6 we had finished honoring all of the 22 podcasters Pictures are available via Flickr. Upon completion of the awards ceremony I immediately went back to the suite as we had two meetings scheduled.

But I must backup and say that during the day at the convention center it was terrific to meet with all of the different podcasters. I am not sure how many people we talked to but the number of business cards we each ended up with were in the hundreds. The various stories we heard along with accolades and engaging questions made us all pretty happy with the first day.

We have always known that our turnkey instant media solution which we call RawVoice Generator was going to be popular and by the close of the first day we had talked to a significant number of companies, schools and institutions wanting proposals so we are pretty pumped up about that.

We opened the hospitality suite again on Friday evening and while the traffic was not as heavy we still went through like 30 pizzas and countless cases of beer. I think most of the team got to bed about 3am which we all thought was pretty early.

On Saturday the traffic in the convention center was much more manageable and we only needed 5 people in the booth but I was pretty amazed at the number of people that came up and shared there positive experiences with being part of the Blubrry community. I am awaiting some logs to verify the numbers but I had 11 podcasters tell us there traffic is up about 45% since being listed which we were pretty happy to hear.

My session I was involved in as a speaker had a great group of podcasters in attendance and we covered a lot of ground on monetizing a podcast and which way is the best way to go in using a service like RawVoice or doing it yourself. Having been on both sides of the fence It was pretty funny to be able to play devils advocate on my own experiences.

Saturday evening we had more business meetings and opened the suite again and wow is all I can say. I thought security was gonna shut us down but luckily they did not and the last guest left at about 1:30am we stayed up to about 4am talking about everything. What an amazing weekend and what a great time meeting with thousands of podcasters.

We have some cool Pics up on the Parties and the Booth

The team at TNC Media were very gracious and we could not have had a better experience. I heard a lot of positive things about the sessions and because I was not able to attend them but look forward to the podcast releases.

Panel Participant at Podcast Expo


A month or so ago Tim Bourquin of TNC Media asked me if I would be willing to be on a panel during Podcast Expo. He asked me to be on the Panel titled “Monetize with Ads and Sponsorship: Use An Advertising Service or Sell Your Own?” being that I have sold my own, and actually run a advertising service for over 500 podcasters this was a good fit. The panel is made up of some other firms that represent podcasters and should be a lively discussion as all of our models are a little different.