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The assault on Torrent Sites is ramping up!

Is it just me or does it seem that almost every other day we are seeing significant attacks on BitTorrent tracker sites? The music and movie industry are desperate to put the Genie back in the bottle.

Just because these industries do not know how to compete in the new high speed media distribution age, they are resorting to going after the Torrent tracker sites.

Just like a good horror flick, the second they cut of the head of one site another 3 pop up. This legal battle to kill torrent tracker sites is one they will not be able to win.

Part of the issue is media distribution rules. Imagine being in a country outside of the United States, and having to wait a year for a television series that is being talked about today on the net.  Media distribution delay rules are fueling the desire for people to download media now versus waiting.

We live in a world where everyone is connected and synchronized to the same stream of information, thus people want access to content now not a year later. Iceland Torrent Site Takedown


BitTorrent moving into Mainstream File Distribution

Is it not time that Apple, Microsoft, MPAA and the RIAA acknowledge that BitTorrent is good when applied legally, and incorporate BitTorrent into applications such as iTunes, Windows Media Player etc. The only way we are gonna keep the train moving forward with a rocket engine driving the new media growth in videocast, and podcasting is to give some relief to those in the trenches creating this content by incorporating BitTorrent into there applications to reduce cost as the audience grows.

The inking of several deals to distribute movies legally has taken place. Thus the industry needs to pony up to the bar and get aboard the content delivery train and make sure that as new media replaces old that you are wisely positioned to have helped continue to broker that content delivery.

It makes me irritated though that the folks who have created Juice and other applications did not step up and go the extra distance to make BitTorrent transfers in those applications seamless so that the user did not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. [CNET]

TorrentSpy fighting the MPAA!

TorrentSpy a torrent search engine who is in takedown war with the MPAA is not laying down, they are fighting back and I think they have a pretty good chance of getting the case dismissed. TorrentSpy is nothing more than a Torrent Search engine. They don’t create torrents they only track them. If you read the motion you will understand that they have some legal precedence on this one and are likening themselves to Google.

The recent Supreme Court decision handed down on Grokster may end up being their deciding factor depending on how the judge interperts the higher court ruling. The MPAA has been getting sites taken down with their broad interpertation of that same ruling. We shall see where this leads but it is a good battle. [Neowin]

Rootkits and BitTorrent could Cause RIAA and MPAA to come knocking

I am going to be straight up, if this latest hack gets rolling their is going to be hell to pay. Imagine that your machine gets hacked and a crafty hacker installs a hidden rootkit. (Oh yeah doesn’t Sony have like a 1/2 million possible computers with a hidden rootkit installed). Lets just take it a step further not only has your machine been hacked but they load BitTorrent on it and start moving movies, audio files you name it they use your machine as seeder.

Think it can’t be done, well sadly it has and the threat is very real. Imagine then being sued by those rats over at the RIAA or the thugs at the MPAA for a crime that was committed by someone that had hacked your machine.

Almost makes you want to pull the Ethernet cable when your not at the computer doesn’t it []

BitTorrent creator to help stop Downloads of Movies!

Do I sense a war brewing. Their are going to be a lot of pissed of people if they cannot download the last episode of lost or a syndicated television show. Think about this for a second, when I was living overseas the television selections was horrendous, you had this pathetic star network and a bunch of third rate crap stations. TV was horrible. My time overseas also broke me of my habit of watching to much TV because the majority of it was terrible. But for those that are living as expats the ability to get cool shows via BitTorrent is awesome. Now I understand the studios have a issue with this and I understand that they don’t want people sharing movies. So here is a idea.

The studios need to realize their audience is global and unless all of the people on the globe can go to new movies or pay for them online when they are released the horns come out and people go and download the shows and movies so they can see it instead of having to wait 6 months to year before something is released in their home country. News travels the globe in microseconds not weeks and people are dialed in to what is happening on a global scale. If the MPAA and the studios would figure this out instead of using their old techniques old media distribution which encourages people to download the content on the net. [The Register]

Automatically get TV shows on your PC via RSS and BitTorrent

Well someone has figured out how to allow people to subscribe to their favorite TV shows via RSS and then when someone puts up the program on the Net you get the file automatically through BitTorrent. This is important, who important well lets put it this way you have just cut out all of the middle men that planned to get into this type of distribution. I am sure it will only be a mater of time before the MPAA and all of the studios come after these folks with a vengeance. But the genie is out of the bottle and once that happens you can never go back.

But here is the important part my good readers and I am going to quote a paragraph out of the business week article.

“So, is it the triumph for the Internet that it appears to be?

Maybe not. Man likes to interfere with evolution and this situation is apparently no different. Tellywood is not about to let a silly little thing like the Internet force it to evolve as well. In their commitment to extinction, Tellywood isn’t just looking to interfere with such innovation on its own, its powerful lobbies have managed to mate with two other dinosaurs for help: the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Congress. Fortunately, there’s still time to act. In addition to boycotting content and technologies that promote the adoption of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology (as I proposed here), here’s what you can do about it (and do about it now because there’s a December 1, 2005 deadline).” [Business Week] [TvTad]