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2008 People’s Choice Podcast Awards Kicks Off Sept 15th

Yesterday I made the decision to proceed with the 2008 Podcast Awards with the new awards ceremony format. The current plan is to start the nominations process on September 15th. The nomination period will be 15 days.

This will be followed by nominations review and slate selection in October with voting to commence shortly their after.

A big change this year is the decision to have the Awards Ceremony 100% virtual. In years past we have had the awards ceremony at the New Media Expo. Having the awards their was great but their were always a lot of unknown variables that caused me a lot of stress.

This year we will be doing a 100% live event and the awardees will be participating in the ceremony using modern technology. We had over 1500 people watch the live stream last year but I think we can draw a lot more people by advance planning the event.

I have started to collect volunteer names to review the nominated shows. I still need a lot of Volunteers to make the review process go easier. If you are not a podcaster and would like to be on the review committee drop me a line at

Please visit the website for more details. As always we are in need of sponsors for the 2008 event. I need to raise about $8000.00 in the coming weeks to meet the minimum prize amounts we have in the past.

2006 Podcast Awards Planning request for comments!

Now that we have the first year of the Podcast Awards behind us it is time to kick it up for 2006, I want to kick it up in a big way. In order to do that and make it like the Grammys we will need to raise a small fortune in cash. Here is what I am thinking.

500 Person Banquet Ticket Price Subsidized
Top Notch Keynote Speaker
Video Simulcast
Major Prize Packages

Of the top of my head I think this will run about $50,000 if I want to really kick this thing up we can fly the winners in, and will need to raise even more money. To pull this off I am going to need someone that can help secure some major sponsors. If you want to be involved in what could turn out to be the beginning of something really big and will draw major press coverage send me a e-mail this position will be commission based.