JLab Offers Skin Tone Wireless Earbuds with the Go Air Tones

Over the years, headphones have been predominately black with a few exceptions like Sennheiser’s HD414s and their iconic yellow ear pads. Apple made white fashionable with the AirPods and since there have been a few companies offering vibrantly coloured earbuds.

Today, rather than standing out, the JLab Go Air Tones earbuds look to blend in with a collection of seven skin-toned wireless earbuds. These have been available in the USA for a few months and they are now available in the UK and Ireland.

Taking the more colourful Go Air Pop earbuds as a base, JLab worked with Los Angeles-based Orly Color Labs to develop a series of authentic skin tones. Starting with over 60 different shades, the selection was whittled down to seven skin tones that are inclusive and diverse.

Elina Gitig, Orly’s Director of Special Projects, and Emma Guy, Orly Color Labs’ Senior Mixologist, made sure that the skin tone shades not only matched actual skin tones, but were also flattering. To ensure that these shades can be replicated on earbuds, the team also matched each shade to a Pantone color.

I think the Go Air Tones are great for anyone who wants to be discrete and JLab should be applauded for making the effort and investment.

On to the technical details….the Go Air Tones offer 8 hours of listening time on a full charge with an additional 24 hours available from the charging case, though it will take a little over 2 hours to charge the earbuds from empty. Three earbud tips (S, M, L) should provide ear comfort and it’s possible to use each earbud on their own if desired. The earbuds feature touch controls for a range of functions including volume, track control, answering calls and connecting to your smart assistant. There’s no noise cancellation but that’s not unexpected at this price level.

As I mentioned earlier, the Go Air Tones are launching in UK and Ireland and can can be purchased for £19.99 from JD Williams and Amazon in the UK and Harvey Norman in Ireland for €24.95.