OnePlus Hides Cameras on Concept One phone at CES

OnePlus is using photochromic glass on their Concept One smartphone at CES to hide the rear cameras when not in use by changing the transparency of the back.

Photochromic glass uses organic particles to create tints within the glass that change density when an electrical field is applied. When the cameras aren’t being used, the glass is darkened to hide the cameras, but when a photograph is being taken, the glass becomes transparent to let the light in for the camera.

This technology is already used in automotive and aviation industries – I think my car uses something similar to avoid dazzle from headlights in the rear-view mirror – but perhaps more impressively it’s used in the Boeing 787 aircraft and the McLaren 720S supercar.

By using this dynamic glass on the back cover, the OnePlus Concept One is able to maintain a clean look and smooth feel without compromising on functionality. It’s all part of OnePlus’ “burdenless” philosophy, which aims to deliver premium products that empower people in the most natural and comfortable fashion.

There’s a short demo video on YouTube. It looks cool.

If you are fortunate enough to be at CES, OnePlus are the Palmer 2 room from 7 – 10 December.