Latest Version of Firefox Lets You Track the Trackers

The Mozilla Blog posted detailed information about all the ways the Firefox browser brings privacy protections front and center and lets you track the trackers.

In September of 2019, Mozilla announced that Firefox will block third-party tracking, cookies, and cryptomining. They released Enhanced Tracking Protection that would be turned on by default for all Firefox users worldwide as part of the “Standard” setting in the Firefox browser.

But now with growing threats to your privacy, it’s clear that you need more visibility into how you’re being tracked online so you can better combat it. That’s why today we’re introducing a new feature that offers you a free report outlining the number of third-party and social media trackers blocked automatically by the Firefox browser with Enhanced Tracking Protection.

The Firefox Privacy Protections report includes:

See how many times Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks an attempt to tag you with cookies. Part of the Enhanced Tracking Protection prevents third-party trackers from building a profile of you based on your online activity. Now, you’ll see the number of cross-site and social media trackers, fingerprinters, and cryptominers blocked on your behalf.

Keep up to date on data breaches with Firefox Mozilla. Now, you can view at a glance a summary of the number of unsafe passwords that have been used in a breach, so that you can take action to change those passwords.

Manage your passwords and synced devices with Firefox Lockwise. Now, you can get a brief look at the number of passwords you have safely stored with Firefox Lockwise. They also added a button where you can click to view your logins and update. You’ll also have the ability to quickly view and manage how many devices you are syncing and sharing your passwords with.

I’ve been using the Firefox browser since Mozilla added the protections in September. I like that it prevents someone else from using my computer for cryptomining. I’m also happy that Firefox blocks tracking, prevents cookies, and stops websites from collecting my data.