RIFT Introduces RIFT Prime

RIFT announced that they will be launching RIFT Prime this year. The decision appears to be based on feedback from users who did not like the current way RIFT was monetizing the game.

In the Spring of 2018, we will launch a new server, RIFT Prime. We’ve paid a lot of attention in discussions with all of you and within the broader gaming community regarding business models in the MMO and games industry as a whole.

We have the opportunity to experiment with this fresh RIFT server using an oft-requested subscription model and progressively unlocked content. Our goal for RIFT Prime is to provide the experience that many of you have requested: no lockboxes, a significantly reduced store with more of the current store-based items obtained through gameplay (or removed entirely) – plus the excitement of sequential progression through RIFT’s content with monthly milestones and achievements.

In the same blog post, it says that they on the RIFT Prime sever, they plan to present RIFT at its roots as much as possible. The Prime server will progress at a faster pace than the original launch, and will eventually “come to an end in spectacular fashion”.

Other details that have been revealed about RIFT Prime:

  • Dynamically matching characters to their current zone’s level
  • Dungeons dropping loot specific to your character’s true level
  • Caps on the number of professions available to a single character’s
  • Participation awards that carry over to your characters on existing servers