Orange Silicon Valley Teams with Emoshape to Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence at CES 2018

Emoshape, an A.I. microchip startup in New York, has created the emotions synthesis microchip called Emotion Processing Unit (EPU).

Orange Silicon Valley is Orange’s Bay Area presence. Their job is to bring Silicon Valley innovation to 265 million customers in 29 countries. Emoshape and Orange Silicon Valley have teamed up to demonstrate Emotional Intelligence at CES 2018.

Emoshape’s featured product “ExoLife Emotion Engine”, powered by the EPU II delivers high-performance machine emotion awareness, and allows personal assistant, games, avatars, cars, IoT products and sensors to feel and develop a unique personality.

Emoshape also developed a game called DREAM, a pioneering concept of VR video games without GUI, and the first game ever created around ExoLife for the gaming industry.

As a sponsor of Emoshape’s game DREAM, Orange Silicon Valley is collaborating with Emoshape on developing prototypes on subjects including AV/VR, personal assistant, and other smart connected devices, by leveraging on Emoshape’s emotion technology to provide real-time emotion synthesis and make machines more human-like.

The collaboration between Orange Silicon Valley and Emoshape can be seen at CES 2018 at Eureka Park booth # 53064