ShadeCraft Brings Sunflower Robotic Shading to CES 2018

ShadeCraft is a robotics startup in Los Angeles, California, that was founded by Armen Gharabegian. ShadeCraft brings Sunflower, the market’s first outdoor robotic shading system, to CES 2018. Sunflower has a 7′ wingspan. It is 112” tall.

Sunflower is the world’s first autonomous robotic shade that tracks the sun and charges itself safely and continuously. Sunflower brings your smart home outdoors through WI-FI, cellular, and Bluetooth connectivity. Solar powered, smart, connected, and full of useful features, Sunflower is your smart robot for better outdoor living.

Sunflower autonomously tracks the sun, collecting optimum solar energy and providing the perfect shade. It is able to fully charge in about 2 hours, then provides 72 hours of battery life while continuously charging, even on cloudy days.

Sunflower’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity brings your IoT and the smart home ecosystems outside. Optional cellular data connectivity makes Sunflower its own Wi-Fi hotspot outdoors.

Sunflower can provide security through video or still images. An integrated 360-degree high-def camera enables consumers to capture special outdoor moments in real-time, while also extending the possibilities of your home security system.

It also has a fully interactive voice user experience, allowing you to control movement, lighting, speakers, and more. You can also control your smart home ecosystem by talking directly to Sunflower.

Visit ShadeCraft at CES 2018 in the Sands Expo at booth #41331.