PhoneSoap Sterilizes Your Smartphone at CES 2018

PhoneSoap was invented by Dan Barnes and Wes LaPorte. They learned that the average phone is 18 times dirtier than a public bathroom. This disgusting fact inspired them to create a safe way to sterilize a phone.

Have you ever heard of “Con Crud?” It is a phrase people use to refer to the unfortunate situation of getting sick after attending a conference. Spending a few days in an area packed with people, while trying to network with them, makes it easy for colds and germs to spread.

You touch a table that someone else sneezed on. You touch your phone to take a photo of something interesting that is on the table. You shake hands with a person who unwittingly shook hands with someone who failed to wash them after using the restroom. You touch your phone to put in someone’s contact information. This is how your phone becomes filled with germs!

Eventually, you put your phone into your purse or pocket. Warm and dark places like those are a breeding ground for bacteria. Many people do not realize that their dirty phone could be making them sick.

PhoneSoap is the best way to clean your phone. It is able to kill microorganisms that hide in crevices where cleaning wipes can’t reach. PhoneSoap uses UVC rays (the same used by hospitals) to sterilize any size smartphone in just minutes, killing 99% of bacteria: including staph, E. Coli, and “super bug” MRSA. PhoneSoap is wireless and acts as a phone charger.

PhoneSoap 3 is priced at $59.95. It comes in black, white, silver, gold, sand, aqua, and orchid.

Visit PhoneSoap at CES 2018 in the Health & Wellness Marketplace, Halls A-D, booth #43020.