Todoist Business Makes Teamwork More Efficient

Todoist logoI’m a big fan of to-do list/productivity app Todoist. I use the app on all of my devices and I find it to be a valuable tool for keeping myself on task. I’ve only ever used the personal version of Todoist, as I have (yet) to work with a team that does a lot of collaborative projects. But with the latest update Todoist has made to its team-centric Business version, I’d definitely consider using the app with coworkers.

The new version of Todoist Business uses team activity logs to help with project management. This feature allows team members to see everything that’s happening with an ongoing project, so there’s need to constantly ask individual members for updates. Users can filter activity logs by collaborator, project, or action, in order to get specific information on the status of work being done.

Todoist Business now includes project comments to help keep high-level information organized and accessible. Project comments will allow users to post project objectives and timelines, share files for later reference, and provide project-wide updates to all collaborators at once.

Anyone who’s ever worked with a team-based messaging app knows that constant notifications can become a productivity-stealing nightmare. Todoist understands this problem and that’s why its new version uses “smart notifications:”

Smartly bundled notifications give you the information you need at a glance so you can quickly get caught up on exactly what’s happening in your shared projects – whether you’re on your office computer or on your phone during the commute home.

These additions to the Todoist Business platform are only the beginning. To learn more about everything Todoist Business has to offer (and sign up for the service), click the link at the top of this blog post.