Google Proposes a Series of “Professional Women” Emoji

Google LogoGoogle has designed thirteen brand new emoji in order to increase the representation of professional women in emoji. The purpose is to highlight the diversity of women’s careers and to empower young women and girls everywhere.

Google has presented these new emoji to the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating standardized emojis and text characters that are used across different platforms (such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM and more). One of the people who created the report at Google is Mark Davis who is the President and CoFounder of the Unicode Consortium. It seems that there is a very good chance that Google’s professional women emoji will be accepted.

Google would like to pursue a path to standardize the professional women emoji by EOY ’16. (The male versions of the newly designed professional emoji will appear sometime after that.)

The proposed emoji list of the newly designed professional women emoji include representations of women in the following industries:

Professional Women Emojis 1

Business – Office worker, accountant, banker, manager, financial adviser, tax preparer, clerk

Healthcare – Doctor, physician, MD

Healthcare – Nurses, dentist, anesthesiologist, radiologist

Science – Scientist, chemist, lab technician

Education – graduate

Technology – Software engineer, person coding, working on a laptop

Industry – Factory worker, metallurgical worker, mechanic

Industry – High tech industry worker, assembly line worker

Industry – Mechanic, repair person, plumber, handy person

Professional Women Emoji 2

Farming – Farmer

Food Service – Chef, cook

Education – Teacher, professor

Music – Rocker, rockstar