The Art of Atari Book is Coming in October

Atari logoReady for some some nostalgia? Those of us who look back fondly on the artwork and design style that accompanied Atari games have something to look forward to. The Art of Atari is coming! The book will be released in October of this year.

The Art of Atari was announced at Emerald City Comic Con by Dynamite Entertainment, the publisher of the book. The hardcover edition has a total of 352 pages and is being sold on Amazon for $30.56. It is available for pre-order.

The book was written by Robert V. Conte and Tim Lapetino. Conte is a pop culture historian with a vast memorabilia collection. (His author page on Amazon shows him standing next to a table filled with old boxes of Atari games). Lapetino is the Executive Director of MOVA, the Museum of Video Game Art. The book also has a forward by Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One.

The Art of Atari includes art that was featured on the boxes Atari video games were sold in, as well as the original artwork that was specially commissioned to enhance the Atari experience (and entice people to buy the games).

The Art of Atari is the first official collection of this artwork, which spans 40 years of Atari’s unique illustrations used in packaging, advertisements, catalogs, and more. The artwork in the book was sourced from private collections around the world. You can see some of the artwork on The Art of Atari official website.