Lowes set to offer home monitoring for its Iris Smart Home Solution

lowesIs home automation, or the Internet of Things as it’s also known, the wave of the future? It sure seems that way these days, though there have been some bumps in the road. It’s getting better though as things begin to integrate with one another more and security, a major concern, is being improved.

Now Lowe’s is announcing new monitoring systems for its line of Iris Smart Home Solution products. This is, of course, related to home security. What the company has in mind is a system that will allow for the dispatch of responders in the event of an intrusion, carbon monoxide detection or a panic alert. Lowe’s claims that this type of security is most important to 62 percent of customers, at least according it its survey.

“Many of our customers have been interested in the added peace of mind of 24/7 protection with live professionals available to help if problems occur, but only if it was as affordable and flexible as Iris is today”, says Mick Koster, vice president and general manager of Iris Home Systems. “By providing customers with Iris’ easy-to-install, wireless DIY system combined with professional monitoring capabilities they can trust and afford, we are offering the most all-inclusive smart home solution available at the best value for both homeowners and renters alike. Whether our customers self-monitor or use our new professionally monitored service, Iris is the smart home system that evolves with you as your life changes and helps make your life easier”.

This isn’t free of course, it will set you back $19.99 per month. That includes the $9.99 fee for “advanced monitoring and control of the home” as well as a cellular connection when broadband goes down, something that goes for $4.99 monthly. It will be available in the second quarter of this year.