TiVo BOLT Lets You Skip Commercials

TN-349936_BOLT_RightFrontTiVo BOLT will let you skip the commercials in the shows you have recorded. It was designed with the viewer’s perspective in mind. In general, viewers don’t like commercials (with the possible exception of the ones played during the Super Bowl).

One of the least appealing things about watching television is the frequent commercial breaks. People tune in to watch a show they like and tune out when the commercials come on. Some use that time to channel surf, while others leave the room in search of a snack. No one turns on the TV in the hopes of being shown advertisements.

TiVo BOLT differs from the TiVO’s existing devices in many ways because it has been given new features that are designed to enhance the television watching experience.

One feature is called QuickMode. It lets you watch your recorded shows 30% faster. Pitch-corrected audio allows people to speed through slow-moving shows like news, sports events, and award shows without compromising the viewing experience. It also lets you skim past the commercials.

SkipMode gives you an additional way to fast-forward through the commercials in shows that you have recorded. Press one button, and SkipMode will automatically skip over the commercials and instantly bring you right back to the program you wanted to watch. (SkipMode is not available for all recorded shows).

TiVo BOLT has a bent shape, which is intentional. The new shape eliminates the need for vents or other lines on the top and sides, and also allows cooling from the bottom. TiVo BOLT became available on September 30, 2015.