Nuziki Picks Up Where This Is My Jam Left Off

Nusiki logoEarlier this year, I wrote about how music-sharing site This Is My Jam would be closing. And while This Is My Jam is still slated to go into archive mode, a new service named Nusiki has popped up to carry on where This Is My Jam left off.

When creating a Nusiki account, users have the option to enter their This Is My Jam credentials, allowing them to pull in the songs they’d added to their This Is My Jam accounts. I tried it, and it worked flawlessly. I was also able to add all of my This Is My Jam friends with the click of one button, which is pretty handy.

Sharing music thru Nusiki is simple. Search for a song title or artist name using Nusiki’s search box. Once you find what you’re looking for, you can easily add it to your Nusiki profile. From there, you can also share to Twitter and Facebook.

Listening to music on Nusiki is simple, too. Once you’ve added some friends, all of their shares automatically show up in your Music Feed. Pressing play in the Nusiki player will start playing the first track in the feed and then automatically cycle to the next song.

Nusiki web interface

Like This Is My Jam before it, Nusiki is limited to sharing songs from YouTube and SoundCloud only. So, you may not find every song you like thru Nusiki’s search engine. But these two sources still offer a lot of music to choose from.

You can use Nusiki on the web or thru the service’s iOS and Android apps. My username on the service is shawnmx if you’d like to follow me. Let’s share some great music!