This Is My Jam is (sorta) Shutting Down

This Is My Jam logoMusic discovery and social sharing site This Is My Jam is shutting down. But the site won’t completely disappear from the Internet. From an e-mail sent today to This Is My Jam users:

Well, this is a tough one to send. After four years, more than two million jams, and assessing many options, we’ve decided to archive Jam in September.


Instead of going offline, the site will become a read-only archive of all the music shared between 2011–2015. So no posting, but you’ll be able to browse profiles, play jams, and of course download all your data!

The developers behind This Is My Jam explained their reasoning for this decision in-depth on their blog. It’s pretty simple, really. They found that running This Is My Jam was fun but that it didn’t really have anything else to do or anywhere else to go.

I’ll admit that I hadn’t used the site myself in well over a year. It’s a cool concept, as it forces users to share one song they’re enjoying in the moment, as opposed to a playlist or an album. This single-track focus is a good idea in today’s attention-deprived world. This Is My Jam features all of the usual social following/sharing features, making it easy to find and connect with others that carry like-minded musical tastes. But the interface is kinda wonky and it’s only able to pull tracks from sources that don’t carry DRM. So, it’s library is limited. Still, the idea has some merit. Perhaps another group of code-savvy music fans will build a better system that’ll pick up where This Is My Jam left off.