Panasonic introduces three wall-mounted home theaters at CES

panasonic-SC-HTB880Panasonic debuted a number of new products at CES, ranging from tablets to home-ware for your kitchen, and also new home theater gear. Perhaps the latter is one of the most interesting of the launches.

The company is showing off three wall-mountable home theater systems. The SC-HTB880, SC-HTB580 and SC-HTB8 are all expected to hit retail later in 2014.

“The SC-HTB880, SC-HTB580 and SC-HTB8 Home Theater Systems feature speaker units with a triangular cross section to achieve a slim body size, and incorporate a Delta Form Design to deliver dynamic sound. The top panel of each model’s main unit is inclined to provide extra space inside for the installation of large speaker units. The Delta Form Design provides a stylish appearance to match and enhance room interiors, while its hybrid hardware design achieves superb sound quality”, the company announces.

The high-end SC-HTB880 model is capable on handling 4K video and the main unit houses the front, center and surround speakers; combined with the wireless subwoofer, this model’s sound system delivers 5.1-channel dynamic surround sound.

All models combine “Panasonic’s sound-enhancing technologies, cutting-edge network technologies and stylish designs to achieve versatile sound systems, creating true-to-life ambience from content such as movies, TV programs or music to make users feel as if they were actually in the movie scene”. Exact release dates were not announced, nor were prices.

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