Pandora adds a pair of new updates

pandora logoPandora is perhaps my favorite music app. In fact, it is the only one I bother subscribing too, paying the small $3.99 per month fee in exchange for unlimited streaming and no ads. This week the company has announced two important new features. One brings customers unreleased music, while the other makes the program more social.

The new Premieres channel is available to all customers — both free, as well as paid subscribers. Premieres looks to bring customers new music before the albums are released. Each week Pandora plans to add albums a week in advance of their commercial release — beginning this week with former CCR singer John Fogerty and English folk musician Laura Marling.

Customers will be able to stream any, and all, songs from the upcoming music releases an unlimited number of times. The service promises new music available every week.

On iPhone, Android, and, customers can now choose to automatically publish their Pandora music activity to Facebook, which will populate the musical identity in Facebook’s newly launched music section. A quick toggle on the user’s phone or press of a button on the web and they are ready to go.

Both features are available right now for web-based and mobile customers. Both enhancements will also work for all customers, regardless if they have a free or paid account.

4 thoughts on “Pandora adds a pair of new updates

  1. I love Pandora simply because I have a hunger for new music/artists that otherwise I would never hear. Guess I bore easily listening to the same stuff year after year. Thanks Pandora.

  2. I’ve all but quit using Pandora and instead favor Spotify. I can choose EXACTLY the songs I want to hear — not just those in a style of an artist. If I choose, I can listen to entire albums by an artist, build playlists from any artists in the system (I’ve found very few that aren’t) and download songs into my mobile devices for offline listening. I don’t think I’ve logged into my Pandora account in more than a year now.

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