Google Hangouts Easter Eggs Bring Jocularity, Ponies into Hangouts

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts

Right after Google announced the separation of Hangouts from Google+, users found a bunch of Easter Eggs in the system. Simple commands will bring out Ponies, change the background color, dinosaurs and even a KONAMI Cheat.

Google Hangout Easter Eggs

/ponies – watch a pony run across the chat

/pitchforks – brings and angry mob to the screen

/ponystream – more ponies. Perfect for any girl slumber parties!

/bikeshed – changes the background color for everyone

/shydino – This little dinosaur is shy. No wonder  – he’s small and the last of his kind!

KONAMI cheat – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left Right, Left Right, B – A – Enter – This changes your local background.

*more added as we find them

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