Unified Remote for Android 2 Day Sale

There are remote control apps available on Android to control almost everything. I can control my DirecTV, Blue Ray player, Windows Media Center and Google TV, but how about PC-based apps? Unified Remote Full (there is a free version with much less functionality) can handle anything from your web browser to online and desktop-based services.

To celebrate its two year anniversary the developer is holding a two day sale, pricing the full version at $0.99, which is 70 percent off of the regular price.

unified remote

The app comes with widgets, WiFi and Bluetooth capability, hardware volume control, server detection, auto-pause media for phone calls, wake on LAN, voice commands and much more.

The full version of Unified Remote can control the following lengthy list of applications.

* Custom Remotes
* Boxee (Keyboard)
* Boxee (Web)
* BSPlayer
* Chrome
* Firefox
* foobar2000
* Google Music
* Hulu Desktop
* Hulu Web
* Internet Explorer
* iTunes
* J River Media Center
* Monitor
* Media Portal
* MediaMonkey
* Netflix
* Opera
* Pandora
* Picasa
* PowerPoint Advanced
* PowerPoint Basic
* Send Text
* Spotify Advanced
* Tellstick
* Tellstick Live (new!)
* USB-UIRT Helper
* Winamp
* Windows Photo Viewer
* VLC (Web)
* XBMC (Keyboard)
* XBMC (Web)
* XBMC Media
* XBMC Advanced (new!)

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