How do you recharge your phone’s battery when on the move?

Just a quick question for all of the GNC audience out there, because I want a true geek opinion on this and we have a web site full of them here. You see, I was thinking of ways to charge my smartphone while on the go — hiking and camping and the like. I am looking for the best solution and am curious what others use.

I had originally planned on grabbing something solar, thanks to the fact that we spend considerable time in the back country. But recently I came across a battery backup with 11,000 mAh of power and feel it may have the juice I need to at least get between hiking destinations — my son and I have aspirations to hike the AT in the near future and we could be spending days at a time out of range from both coverage and locations with power.

battery charger

So what is your go-to solution? What is best for someone heading to the middle of nowhere for days? Is solar or a battery pack the best option? Or should I consider taking both along? Perhaps the latter would be best for fail-safe purposes. I am also interested in knowing recommended brands and real-life usage by some of you. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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