Words With Friends


I have been a heavy player of Words With Friends for the past couple of years. Once in awhile I would notice that my opponent would play seemingly from a different set of letters then what I had been presented with.

For some reason I assumed that both players were playing from the same set of letters, thus fairly matching wits.

I wonder how many people are really familiar with Words With Friends rules, or the Scrabble game that it is based on for that matter? Do you know the rules?

As it turns out, the rules for Scrabble as well as Words With Friends state that each opponent pulls from a random set of letters. Knowing this changes the game strategy somewhat, and it explains why games often seen a bit unfair. There are times when games seems stacked toward one opponent or the other.

Something tells me that I’m not the only Words With Friends or online Scrabble player to make a wrong assumption of the rules of these games.

I will still continue to play both games but not quite in the same way as before.

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