GameStop Kids Holiday Stores are Popping Up

This November, there could be a GameStop Kids store popping up in a mall near you! GameStop is going to be opening around 80 of these stores, all across the United States, for a limited time. This isn’t too different from what Microsoft is doing this holiday season. Both companies are opening temporary stores for the holiday season that will disappear after the holidays are over.

One good thing about this is that these two companies will actually be hiring extra workers to help shoppers right before Christmas. Several years ago, it was standard practice for companies to hire seasonal workers at this time of year.

In the past few years, it seems as though most corporations haven’t felt the need to hire additional staff to help with the additional crowds. It’s nice to see that at least two companies are going to actually hire the college students who want to make a few bucks while they are in between semesters and home for the holidays. On a less than positive note, these newly hired workers are going to be unemployed in just a few weeks time, as the popup stores close after Christmas.

The interesting thing about GameStop Kids is that it is geared for kids. You will only find products that are kid-friendly and that are inspired by video games that are appropriate for kids to play. Things like a Minecraft Foam Pickaxe, a Star Wars Lightsaber flashlight, Angry Birds squeeze pillows, Star Wars plushies, Batman figures, and plenty of products inspired by Dr. Who will be available.

People who don’t know a thing about video games, but who need to buy a gift for a child who is avid gamer, should go to the GameStop Kids store instead of the regular GameStop. Everything offered there is kid-friendly. This avoids the potential problem of accidentally giving a nine year old a video game that is incredibly violent.

What if no GameStop Kids stores appear near where you live? You can go into the regular GameStop store and order products that would normally be sold in the GameStop Kids store (and get free shipping). Or, you can order the toys online and choose between having them shipped to you or having them shipped to your local GameStop store where you can pick them up in person.

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