Roblox Allows Game Developers To Sell 3D Virtual Content

Roblox, the popular kids gaming platform, is looking to bolster revenue by giving wider swath of users the ability to create and sell more types of digital goods, CNBC reported.

The company said on Friday that subscribers to the Roblox app’s upper-tier premium plans, which gives users a monthly allowance of the Roblox digital currency, will be able to hawk their 3D goods to other users. Previously, Roblox gamers could only create and sell 2D goods like virtual clothing and were required to apply and win approval to be part of the company’s user-generated content (UGC) program in order to do the same with 3D assets.

“Now you have the marketplace open to everybody, and you will have the opportunity to have a lot of creation on the platform,” Manuel Bronstein, Roblox’s chief product officer, said in an interview with CNBC. “We know that with increased creation comes more engagement and more users.”

According to CNBC, by allowing Roblox users to create and sell 3D goods, the company could gain more paid subscribers who are willing to spend money for that feature. Although users, who must provide photo identification, will have to pay a fee of 750 Robux to upload 3D accessories and clothing to the marketplace, they will be able to submit their custom 3D bodies and heads for digital avatars for free. Users pay $105 for 30,000 Robux.

Roblox posted “RDC 2023: Where Roblox is going next” on its blog. There is a lot of stuff to sort through, but the most interesting part is about Economic Opportunities For Creators. From the blog post:

“At RDC, we shared with creators key enhancements that will improve their ability to earn on Roblox. First, we shared that we’ll soon launch a way for creators to offer subscriptions within their experiences and the freedom to choose which features or offerings to make available as a subscription model. For instance, a creator could offer a subscription for a digital “trunk club” where subscribers regularly receive curated outfits, or a members-only fan club.

As a step toward making it possible for anyone on Roblox to participate in our economy, later this month, we are inviting anyone that is ID-verified and has Premium to create 3D items for our Marketplace. We care about creating a Marketplace with content people love and where creativity is protected.

That’s why as we open up our Marketplace this year, we are implementing safeguards in addition to ID verification that bring more accountability to creators. We are also developing easier ways for creators to detect duplicates of their items and more easily report, manage, and track IP claims. These tools are in development now and we’ll share details as they become available.

We are also evolving our Marketplace so that by next year, there will be two predominant types of items: those that are fixed in quantity (Limiteds) and those that have a flexible quantity, both with costs per unit to publish. Grounded in real-world economics, these systems are intended help creators sustainably earn income. We launched Limiteds in April and through June 2023, we’ve seen strong traction, with 77 percent of Limiteds selling out and 80 percent of items reselling for more than the original price…”

Mashable reported that in a huge win for Roblox’s creator community, the platform will be opening up its Marketplace to all users. Until now, only select users and brands who had been approved as part of Roblox’s UGC Program could list and sell items. With this update, anyone anywhere can share their work and get paid for it.

Personally, I find it interesting that Roblox is actively seeking out creators by making it possible for them to sell their 3D content and earn some money. This sounds like a really good way to entice game developers to come to Roblox and make interesting things!

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