MicroCells is Incredibly Addictive Fun!

There is an app called MicroCells that has become my newest addiction. The game is made by a company called Bootant, is simple to play, and is a “kid-friendly” game.

You start with three MicroCells scattered randomly on the board. Click on one, and move it anywhere. This triggers the game to put three more MicroCells somewhere on the board. It will do this after each turn. Eventually, the game will start adding four new MicroCells after each move, (instead of three).

The goal is to make at least six of the MicroCells that are the same color sit next to each other, or to connect. When this happens, the six will disappear, and you will score some points. This frees up some space on the board, so you can (hopefully) connect up more matching MicroCells. I like that the game won’t add any more MicroCells after a turn that resulted in making a group of them disappear.

The game is addicting! The MicroCells are adorable, and remind me of the Giant Plush Microbes from ThinkGeek. When you manage to put a MicroCell next to one that is the same color, it smiles. The ones surrounded by MicroCells that not their color will frown, look angry, or look depressed. After the board fills up, the game will automatically refresh with a new, clear, board, that only has three MicroCells on it. It keeps going and going and going.

The only thing I didn’t like about this game is that it did not fit nicely on my computer screen. I normally have my display set at 720p. This setting means that I cannot see the bottom row on the game. I have to change my display to the 1080p setting every time I want to play. MicroCells is the type of game that you cannot “win”, because the screen will eventually fill up and end the game. I think this might annoy some people, but it does not bother me.

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